Cuenta Superior

1 /6
This number is indicative of the risk of the product, being 1 / 6 indicative of smaller risk and 6 / 6 of major risk.
The Bank is assigned to the Deposit insurance Fund of Credit institutions. For deposits in money the guaranteed maximum amount is 100,000€ by depositor in every credit institution.
  • High online returns have a name: Cuenta Superior

    Call account with total liquidity

  • Monthly deposit of interest. Without Maintenance fees. Full liquidity and availability.
  • Green doll with portfolio

How you assistance to save?

  • The Cuenta Superior does not permit direct billing or salaries, neither connection to loans or cards.It is an account of saving.
  • It is reasoned so that the money that do not need in your day by day, gives you interest month by month.
  • Only affords an account by client, although in the same one appears more than a holder, being three the maximum of holders permitted by account.

Do not expect more, enters Oficina Internet and it enjoys something superior.

Advantages of the Cuenta Superior

  • Compensation package from the first euro cent for amounts from other companies (until a maximum balance of€600,000).
  • Full liquidity and availability.
  • With monthly deposit of interest in the account, so that your money still grows.
  • No commissions of administration or maintenance.
  • The interest rate is of the 0.05 % TIN (APR 0.05 %).


Example settlement in a year:

  • Balance: €10,000
  • Periodicity: 12 (monthly).
  • Gross interests in the year: €5
  • TIN 0.05 % (APR: 0.05 %).

The type of tax withholding in force will be applied at the time of to carry out the interest payment.