Cuenta Fácil

1 /6
This number is indicative of the risk of the product, being 1 / 6 indicative of smaller risk and 6 / 6 of major risk.
The Bank is assigned to the Deposit insurance Fund of Credit institutions. For deposits in money the guaranteed maximum amount is 100,000€ by depositor in every credit institution.
  • Your money at any time and without penalties

    It enjoys advantages that you offers the Cuenta Fácil

  • It pays directly easily your salary or pension. It pays directly bills without cost. Your money always available, without penalties.
  • Green doll with portfolio

Advantages of the Cuenta Fácil

The Cuenta Fácil of Bankia you offers the possibility of:

  • Pay directly your salary or pension.
  • Pay your bills by direct debit, free of charge.
  • Make payments to third parties via your chequebook.
  • Have instant access to your savings.