Mi Primera Cuenta

1 /6
This number is indicative of the product risk, whereby 1/6 indicates a minor risk and 6/6 a major risk.
The Bank is associated with the Credit Institutions' Deposit Insurance Fund. For monetary deposits, the maximum guaranteed amount is €100,000 per depositor in each credit institution.
  • So that young children can start saving fee-free

    With special gifts and surprises

  • For children under 14. No commissions or maintenance fees. Instant liquidity
  • Green doll with portfolio

Advantages of Mi Primera Cuenta

  • Instant liquidity
  • No fees or commissions.
  • To contract "Mi Primera Cuenta" is necessary the authorisation of the father, mother or legal guardian of the holder of the passbook, as well as contribute the ID number of the minor.
  • Surprises for account holders: invitations and film and musical previews, prize draws, gifts and lots of fun.

Specific Pre-contractual information (IPE) Mi primera Cuenta (PDF, 72.7 kB).

Informative document Fees Mi Primera Cuenta (PDF, 289 kB).

List of more representative services associated with a fee-paying account (PDF, 149 kB).