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This number is indicative of the risk of the product, being 1 / 6 indicative of smaller risk and 6 / 6 of major risk.
The Bank is assigned to the Deposit insurance Fund of Credit institutions. For deposits in money the guaranteed maximum amount is 100,000 € by depositor in every credit institution.
  • A perfect account

    For the day more significant of your life

  • Commission free. Service of weddings of Zankyou included. Card Un&Dos with free cancellation insurance.
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Account Un&Dos: The account that need for your wedding

The dress of girlfriend, the invitations, the photocall? There are so many details that prepare in a wedding? To do you the easiest life, Bankia and Zankyou (the online web portal leader of weddings in Spain) have been united to create a perfect account to manage the day more significant of your life.

You have just started to organise your wedding? Need a current account and a card for everything that it is necessary to prepare. Contract now the account Un&Dos online and you will enjoy all its profits.

Account without fees

Because which need is an account without fees(1):

  • Maintenance and administration of the free account.
  • Transfers in euros to the EU without fees, via the online service channels.
  • Free national cheque deposit.

Card Un&Dos with free purchase insurance

For everyone the expenses that you are going to have to prepare the link, pay with your card Un&Two: a debit card that includes an insurance(2) that, in the event of cancellation of the event for justifiedcause (3), covers the purchases carried out with her in suppliers associated with the Marketplace of Zankyou, in other words, more than 10,900 suppliers, so much physical as online companies, up to a maximum of ? 5,000.

An account 100% online

Accesses your account and carries out all your administrative steps where and when want from the area of client Bankia Online and from the app of Bankia.

Service of weddings Zankyou

  • Free wedding website and completely customisable.

    Examples of websites
  • List of wedding Un&dos that includes a pack Un&dos premium for its website, where the boyfriends will be able to benefit from:
  • Free wedding list(4) 100% cash and unlimited transfers
  • € 50 of present of welcome that you will have available in your profile of Zankyou, just for having the account Un&dos. For which want: the photographer, the flowers, the make-up or which more craves you.
  • Premium designs, gallery PRO and chat of assistance to guests.
  • And also, the List Un&dos includes a cancellation insurance of wedding for justified cause, to cover the purchases carried out with the Tarjea Un&dos to suppliers of the Marketplace of Zankyou, so much in its physical shops as in online, valued at € 5,000.

Enquiry all conditions in

What have do to contract her?

The only condition for one thing to enjoy this account and all its advantages, is that the account holders are the two involved (people over 18 years old) and that they maintain its profile 100% digital:

  • All our mail will be without role, thus take care the environment.
  • Learn more about your mobile phone and your email.
  • Allow receive commercial communications. We have very good things that offer you and we do not want that you lose it to you.
  • The management of your account owes be 100% in digital service channels (Bankia Online, App and ATMs). They are exempt from this condition the reimbursements higher than € 600 that you will be able to carry out in branches, as well as the cheque deposit without losing profits of the Account_ON.

Opens your account at Bankia Online.

Once have it active, will be able to register your wedding list in Zankyou (remembers that it has be before 31-12-2019).


Specific Pre-contractual information (IPE) Account Un&Dos (PDF, 77.9 kB).

Informative document Fees Account Un&dos (PDF, 295 kB).

List of more representative services associated with a fee-paying account (PDF, 149 kB).

(1) Account exempt from fees of: administration and maintenance of the account, as well as of the registration fee and maintenance of the cards of Debit Un&Dos partners, transfers in euros in member countries of the EU, carried out in digital service channels, as long as all the holders fulfill the digital profile (exclusive mail because of Internet, mobile phone and email informed, it wishes advertising in all the service channels, disclosure of data to group's companies and transactionality exclusive in online service channels). In the event of not fulfilling the digital profile, the maintenance fee of the account will be 5 € a month and € 28 a year that one of card. The cheque deposits in payable euros on the market national will always be free. Account 0% APR.

(2) Group insurance brokered by SegurBankia, S.A. Brokerage of Insurance of the Group Bankia (ID number to-78685740) and registered office in Pº Castellana, 189, 28046 Madrid. Registered in the special administrative record of Insurance Brokers of the Directorate-General for Insurance and Pension Funds with the key J-0632. Financial liability insurance and skills cover according to current legislation.

(3) The Insurer will refund to the Cardholder the amount of the services that you can not enjoy derived from the cancellation of Wedding of the cardholder for some guaranteed causes and that they are him invoiced in concept of expenses not refundable, duly stipulated in the conditions of contracting of the supplier. For more information, enquiry the policy of the insurance (PDF, 309 kB) or enquiry in your branch.

(4) Until 3,000 euros in presents received and only starting from the above-mentioned amount, the cost for applied management is of 1% + € 1. The boyfriends can choose if it assume they or its guests, in whose last case does not have cost for them.