Debit cards

Debit cards
  • NGO Card


    To the NGO that you decide

  • With the card Dupla enjoy freedom to choose how want pay your purchases: in full or deferred to 3, 6 or 10 months.

  • Personal Debit Card

    A card that it does not be able to you not have enough. The first one, the essential one.

  • Personal Prepaid Card

    Decides the balance that need in your card. You the recharges how want.

  • Virtual card

    If online shopping, this card you is going to like. Rechargeable and without physical support.

  • Youth Debit Card 194x122

    Take advantage of be youngster. A reasoned card for you and your needs. Without fees and with many advantages.

  • Card +30 Debit of the Murcia Region

    If you have between 31 and 36 years and you reside in the Murcia Region, can already contract your Carné+30 with us.

  • Community of Valencia Youth Card

    If you are person under 31 years old and you reside in the Valencian Community, can already request the Bankia Youth Card.

  • Youth Card of the Castile-Leon Government

    If you are under 31 and live in the Community of Castile-Leon you can apply for the Youth Card at any Bankia branch.

  • Youth Card of Castile-La Mancha

    If you have between 14 and 29 years and you reside in Castile-La Mancha, can already contract your Youth Card with us.

  • Young meat Canary Islands

    If you have between 14 and 30 years and you reside in the Community of Canary Islands can request the Youth Card in any branch of Bankia.

  • Ceuta Youth Card

    If you have between 14 and 30 years and you reside in the City of Ceuta, can already contract your Youth Card with us.

  • Generic NGO Programme of Debit

    With Bankia, be solidarity costs very little. We yield a fixed amount to the NGO that you choose for every contracted card.

  • image card caritas bankia

    Collaborates with Cáritas with this card.

  • Manos Unidas NGO Card

    Collaborates with Manos Unidas with this card.

  • NGO MedicosMundi

    Collaborates with Medicus Mundi with this card.

  • NGO Acc.Hambre_Debito_2016

    Collaborates with Action Against Hunger with this card.

  • NGO Acnur Card

    Collaborates with Acnur with every card.

  • Ayuda en Acción (Help through Action) NGO Card

    Collaborates with Ayuda en Acción with this card.

  • Paralímpicos Card

    Bankia and the Comité Paralímpico Español you offer a card with which participate in the training and paralympic athlete' preparation.

  • Tarjeta Dorada de Renfe card Debit

    You have more than 60 years or you are pensioner? Enjoys until 40% discount in the tickets of train.

  • Card Valencia Basket Debit

    Bankia and Valencia Basket Club you propose an exclusive card with which support to your favourite team.

  • MTV Card Debit

    A card with name that now you gives premium access to the contents of the app MTV Play.

  • Bracelet Valencia Basket

    A card in your doll. Contract the Card Valencia Basket now also in format bracelet, and enjoys everything that you offers.

  • Basketball Club card Gran Canaria

    An exclusive card with which support to your favourite team.