Credit cards

Credit card
  • New Bankia Wallet App

  • Card Purchases

    Your most complete card. You will be able to pay in retail establishments and withdraw cash at ATMs from your account balance or your card's credit facility.

  • Credit Card ON

    For our most digital customers. A credit card with many benefits. Discover them.

  • Gold Credit Card

    Because you deserve a prestigious card. With more discounts and services.

  • Flexible credit card

    A credit card you can use to buy whatever you want now and decide how to pay for it. You choose the monthly payment.

  • Pago Seis Card

    Pay for your purchases conveniently, in six months and with no interest.

  • Pago Doce Card

    Pay for your purchases conveniently, in twelve months and with no interest.

  • Champions Credit Card

    You likes the football? You can't go without this card.

  • Card CB From Gran Canaria Credit Visa

    An exclusive card with which you can support your favourite team.

  • MTV Card

    A card with its own name. With discounts and promotions so that you can get the very most out of it.

  • NGO Credit Programme

    With Bankia, being charitable costs very little. We give a fixed amount to the NGO of your choice for every card you sign up for.

  • Paralympic Card

    Bankia and the Spanish Paralympic Committee offer you a card with which you can participate in the training and preparation of Paralympic athletes.

  • Red Cross NGO Card

    Collaborate with the Red Cross with this card.

  • UNICEF NGO Card Credit

    Collaborate with Unicef with this card.