Credit cards

Credit card
  • New App Bankia Wallet

  • Card Purchases

    Your card more complete. You will be able to pay in businesses and to withdraw cash in ATMs from the balance of your account or the credit of your card.

  • Card Credit ON

    For our clients more digital. A credit card with many advantages. Discover them.

  • Gold Credit Card

    Because you deserve a prestigious card. With more discounts and services.

  • Crédito Flexible Card

    A credit card where you will be able to buy which want now and to decide how to pay it. You choose the monthly fee.

  • Pago Seis Card

    Pay for your purchases conveniently, in six months and with no interest.

  • Card Payment Twelve

    Pay your purchases comfortably in twelve months without interest.

  • Card Sendo Clasica Personal

    If you like travelling this is your card. It achieves points in every purchase to exchange for flights Iberia.

  • Champions Credit Card

    It likes you the football? It can not not have enough you this card.

  • Card CB From Gran Canaria credito visa

    An exclusive card with which you can support your favourite team.

  • MTV Card

    A card with name. With discounts and promotions so that him serves all the possible party.

  • NGO Generica Credito

    With Bankia, be solidarity costs very little. We yield a fixed amount to the NGO that you choose for every contracted card.

  • Paralympic Card

    Bankia and the Spanish Paralympic Committee offer you a card with which you can participate in the training and preparation of Paralympic athletes.

  • Red Cross NGO Card

    It collaborates with Red Cross with this card.

  • UNICEF Credit

    It collaborates with Unicef with this card.