Programa Crédito ONG

  • We are strengthening our NGO Programme

    Bankia yields a fixed amount to the chosen NGO for every contracted*card

  • Collaborate with the NGO of your choice. Every account card. You just have to pay with your NGO card in businesses.
  • NGO Generica Credito

Associations and foundations

¿Who can join the programme?

The programme is aimed at the associations and foundations whose aims are humanitarian aid, development cooperation, social action and the defense and protection of the environment. They must be legally constituted and have continuously developed their activity for at least three years before the date of application. In the case of associations, they must accredit having obtained the declaration of public utility.

¿How do you request it?

To access this programme the organisation must fill in the form registration application.

  • Once the application has been received and the requirements checked, Bankia will contact the applicant to confirm receipt of the application and the documentation sent.
  • Selected NGOs must sign a collaboration agreement with Bankia, it being necessary to open a current account in Bankia where the corresponding contributions will be deposited.

Bankia customers

¿How do Bankia customers cooperate?

The holder of a Bankia NGO card can choose from the list of Organisations associated with the programme (PDF, 315 kB) that to that which wants to collaborate, at no additional cost for him.

The cardholder can also change the NGO receiving the donation via Bankia Online.

NGO cards associated with the programme

Two types of NGO card are available:

  • Generic NGO card, has a single image for all NGOs. The cardholder will be able to change the NGO whenever they considers it opportune via the Oficina Internet.
  • Personalised NGO Card: the image is personalised and the following products are currently available in this mode.
    • Acnur NGO card.
    • Unicef NGO card.
    • Red Cross NGO card.
    • Manos Unidas NGO card.
    • Ayuda en Acción NGO card.
    • Medicus Mundi NGO card.
    • Action against Hunger NGO card.

Customer it can choose the NGO with which sits down more identified. The change of NGO will only will be possible by cancelling the current card and the registration of a new card associated with the chosen card.

You can consult the Standardised European information. Consumer credit (INE) (PDF, 184 kB).

*8 euros for card a year in type of debit card and 16 euros in credit.