Tarjeta Crédito ON

  • If you have Account ON, this is your credit card.

  • Purchasing in shops to credit and it carries out reimbursements always to debit. 2 reimbursements a month without fee in ATMs out of Spain. Online Purchase insurance and Protected Purchase, via AXA.
  • Card Credit ON

It achieves an Amazon's gift voucher

Contract the Card Credit ON via Bankia Online between on 20/11/2017 and on 20/01/2018 and it achieves an Amazon's* gift voucher valued at ?10that you will be able to exchange on the website www.amazon.es.

Advantages of the Card Credit ON

  • Free registration fee and maintenance if is paid directly in the Account ON and all its holders have digital profile(1).
  • Use her abroad: 2 reimbursements a month without fee in ATMs out of Spain(2).
  • Online Purchase insurance and Protected Purchase via AXA.
  • Pay with your card credit ON in Galp stations of Spain and you will have about 2 % of saving, without limit of amount, both in fuel and in shop.
  • Exclusive discount in vehicle rental Hertz. Until about 15% providing the code of discount at the time of the purchase (request it when contracting the card).


And also, if you have your salary or direct billing pension (3) in Bankia:

  • It withdraws cash free to debit in more than 6,200 ATMs Bankia and BMN, and also, 4 reimbursements a month without fee in Banco Sabadell's ATMs and Euro 6000 associated with the agreement(4).

It finds your closer ATM.


You can consult the Standardised European information. Consumer credit (INE) (PDF, 139 kB).

* Amazon.es it does not sponsor this promotion. Gift vouchers of Amazon.es must exchange in the page of Amazon.es, for products included in our online and sold catalogue for Amazon.es or any other salesman that bandage via the platform of Amazon.es. Gift vouchers you can not recharge, to resell, to transfer for a value, to exchange for cash or to use with another account. Amazon.es person responsible for is not done the loss, theft, destruction or use not indulged of gift vouchers. See complete terms and conditions in www.amazon.es/cheques-regalo-condiciones. Amazon EU SARL issues Gift vouchers. All the ®, TM ET © Amazon are the copyright of Amazon.com or of its subsidiaries. Promotional Terms and Conditions (PDF, 67 kB). The gift voucher will be delivered for email and the promotion will be limited the 10,000 first contractings. Will be delivered maximum a cheque by client. It is significant to have updated the email in personal details in Bankia Online.

(1) Otherwise, the fee will be 34€. To have digital profile it is necessary to comply with following requirements: have registered the exclusive mail on the internet; facilitated credit to Bankia the mobile phone number and the email; authorise to Bankia its personal details' processing for the shipment of commercial communications for any service channel and the personal disclosure of data to group's companies for the analysis of its profile; and exclusively operate for service channels (not in branch).

(2) Starting from the third monthly reimbursement the fee will be of the 4 %, minimum€4.

(3) Salary for an amount equal to or more than€450 and pension equal to or more than€200.

(4) Companies Euro 6000 associated: Abanca, BCLM (Bank Castile la Mancha), Caixa Ontinyent, Caja Spain-Duero, CajaSur, Cecabank, Colonya Caixa Pollença, Ibercaja, Kutxabank, Liberbank and Unicaja. Starting from the 5th reimbursement, the fee of€0.65 will be had repercussions charged by the bank holder of the ATM to Bankia.


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