Tarjeta Dorada de Renfe

  • Benefit from up to 40% discount on train tickets with the Renfe Tarjeta Dorada gold card.

  • For people over 60 or those over 18 receiving a pension Up to 40% discount on your train tickets Legálitas Advanced Legal Protection Service free of charge
  • Tarjeta Dorada de Renfe card

Benefits of the Renfe Tarjeta Dorada card

A card with which you will enjoy travelling by train.

  • In major lines and AVE
    • Monday to Thursday: 40% of discount.
    • Friday to Sunday: 25% of discount.
  • In local commuter and regional lines
    • Discount of the 40 % every day of the year and in any train.

The Tarjeta Dorada de Renfe card is intended for people over 60 or people over 18 years who receive benefits for permanent, full, absolute or serious physical or mental disability, and people with disabilities equal to or greater than the former 65% threshold.

People who need to obtain the companion's cards should request them directly at Renfe.

Free insurance and services

The Renfe Tarjeta Dorada gold card also offers you a free package of services and insurance:

Advanced Legal Protection Service by Legálitas (PDF, 47 kB)


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