Tarjeta Crédito ONG Ayuda en Acción

  • Collaborates with Ayuda en Acción with this card

    Bankia assigns a fixed amount each year to the NGO chosen for each card.

  • You collaborate with Ayuda en Acción. Every account card. Single. Only have use your card in businesses.
  • Ayuda en Acción (Help through Action) NGO Card

Characteristics of the card

  • It is one of the cards included in the Bankia NGO project.
  • In this way, Bankia yields a fixed amount every year to the chosen NGO for every contracted card. It is a customised card with the Ayuda en Acción image and logo.
  • Preferred conditions in the service AirRefund, for claims to airlines for cancellation, overbooking or delays in flights with exit from and arrived at Europe. The cardholder does not have move forward no expenditure, nor at the start of its claim, nor throughout the process. If your case is approved, AirRefund will charge a 25% fee for Bankia Visa cardholders, instead of the usual 30%. More information in the next link.

Ayuda en Acción is a Spanish development cooperation organisation that has been working in 22 countries in the Americas, Africa and Asia for over 30 years.

Its mission is improve the living conditions of children, the families and the communities via self-sustaining projects of integrated development and activities of sensitisation, with the aim of causing structural changes that they contribute to the eradication of the poverty.

Over the course of the years working with southern countries and people, one of its unique and differentiating factors Ayuda en Acción has been shaped: the idea of sponsorship, making this the starting point for a personal and close relationship between collaborators and the sponsored child.

To know more on the ends and stock that carries out Ayuda en Acción visit the website www.ayudaenaccion.org where you will find more information and other ways of collaborate.

If you wish help with the NGO Card but still do not have it, can contract her from this same page.

You can read the European normalised information. Consumer credit (INE) (PDF, 184 kB).

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