Tarjeta Pago Seis

  • A trip? Holidays? Items of furniture? Home alterations?

    Pay your expenses with the Pago Seis Card and you can defer payment for 6 months without interest.

  • Without interest. 6 months, 6 payments. Discount of up to 15% on Hertz vehicle rental.
  • Pago Seis Card

Advantages of the Pago Seis Card

This card is recommended for large expenses (trips, household appliances, small refurbishments, whims, etc.) or taxes whose payment you want to postpone for 6 months.

With the Pago Seis Card you will be able to enjoy advantages and discounts:

  • Without interest. 6 months, 6 quotas, 0 interest.
  • Discount up to 15% in Hertz vehicle rental.
  • With the Dinero Ya Service you will be able to transfer money from your card to your account.

And more advantages...

  • Free registration. No maintenance fee if you have another Bankia card or you make at least one purchase a year with the Pago Seis Card, otherwise the cost will be 34 ?.
  • Without interest for the deferment, only 12 euros per operation will be charged for handling fees.

Example: in an operation of 300 euros, the first fee will be 62 euros: 50 euros of the first credit period + 12 euros handling fee. For the following five months the payment will be 50 euros each month. The total of the cost of the operation is €312 (APR 15.10%).

You can consult the Standardised European information. Consumer credit (INE) (PDF, 178 kB).