Pulsera Valencia Basket

  • A card on your wrist: innovative, elastic, and adjustable

    And enjoy all the benefits it offers you

  • Bracelet with a mini debit card inside. Pay with a single gesture. Participate in prize draws and promotions.
  • Valencia Basket Wristband

Current promotion

Run away with the scarf of the Valencia Basket contracting the card Valencia Basket (type credit) or the bracelet. And also participates in prize draws to live an only experience: Solidarity triple. More informarción in your branch.

Advantages of the Valencia Basket Bracelet

  • A bracelet with a mini debit card inside*.
  • Innovative, flexible and ajustable.
  • A different way of doing your shopping where there are contactless terminals. With a single gesture.
  • Cash withdrawals from Bankia contactless ATMs.
  • Entrance to “La Fonteta” pavilion at the games for Valencia Basket members (see terms and conditions on the website or at the Valencia Basket offices).
  • Participate in prize draws and promotions.
  • Meet your idols.

Just put on your Valencia Basket bracelet and go to VBC to activate access through the turnstiles**.

Doing your shopping and seeing your favourite team are within the reach of your hand.

You can consult the Specific pre-contractual information (IPE) (PDF, 53 kB).

*Bracelet: €10. Registration fee (€ 5 if it is contracted through Bankia Online) and an annual maintenance fee of € 10.
**Any enquiries on the pavilion entrance function should be addressed to the Valencia Basket Club. From there they will activate the card so that you can go through the turnstiles into La Fonteta pavilion. Bankia is not responsible for any incident relating to this function.