Sticker Bankia Wallet

  • If you do not have a mobile phone with technology NFC or you have an iPhone

    we propose you an alternative: the Sticker Bankia Wallet

  • It turns your mobile phone in a debit card. Free registration if the contracts thing for the Oficina Internet. Reduced size card.
  • Debit card sticker Bankia Wallet

What is it?

A small card attached to the lower back side of your mobile phone. In this way, your card and your mobile phone become one. It's that simple.

In addition, is complemented with the mobile application App Bankia Wallet that you can download from Google Play (for Android) or Apple Store (for iPhone).

Where can I use the Sticker?

  • Businesses with terminals that allow payment without contact (Contactless).
  • Bankia ATMs Contactless

You can identify contactless terminals with this icon:

Contactless Icon

How do I have to use it?

Very simple. When you make a purchase, the shop enters the amount of the purchase in the terminal, and all you have to do is bring your mobile phone close to the terminal with the card facing it to make the payment:

  • If the purchase is for an amount lower than€20, the transaction will have finished.
  • However, if the purchase is for €20 or more, you must enter the PIN of the sticker to finalize the transaction.

To withdraw cash in ATMs, please bring the card close to the Contactless icon in the Bankia ATM and follow the instructions shown in the screen. You must enter your PIN to continue with the operation.

Where to request it and registration fee

Free registration if you contract it through Bankia Online (just for mobile phones without NFC or iPhone).


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