Pack Dual Plus

  • With the Dual Plus pack you have two cards for all your needs.

  • Two credit cards to meet your needs. The Pago Fácil Card of the pack is free. Discount of up to 15% on Hertz vehicles.
  • Dual Plus Pack

Two cards to meet every need:

Use one or the other depending on your needs.

With the “Dual Plus Pack”, you have two credit cards to use according to your needs, both sharing the same credit limit.

  • Compras Card: perfect for your daily expenses (purchases in supermarkets, petrol, etc.).
  • Pago Fácil Card: suitable for expensive purchases for which you wish to postpone payment for 3 months.

Advantages of the Dual Plus Pack

      • Without registration fee in the Compras Card if it is the first credit card you are contracting (otherwise the cost will be 34 €).
      • With no maintenance fee if you spend € 5,000 a year on the Compras Card (otherwise the cost will be 34 €), or if you spend € 3,500 a year (€ 17, half the fee).
      • Possibility of making debit or credit reimbursements with the Compras card.
      • By default, the Compras card has an assigned payment method of 100% the following month without interest. However, you also have the possibility of postponing 50% or 25% of the payment for your purchases (interest rate for deferment 23.40% annual NIR and 26.08% APR).
      • The Compras card also includes special services such as FinanExpress and ServiRed Tú Decides.
      • The Pago Fácil Card it is complementary to the Compras card and you will be able to defer payment of your purchases of over € 60 without interest, paying just a € 9 handling fee. The Pago Fácil Card that it is part of the pack will always be free.

        Example: in an operation of € 450, the first payment will be 159 € (€ 150 for the first period + € 9 handling fee). The next two months the fee will be 150 € each month. The total cost of the operation is 459 € (T.A.E. 12.91%).
      • Discount of up to 15% on Hertz vehicle hire.
      • Preferential conditions in the AirRefund service for claims against airlines due to cancellation, overbooking or delays on flights in and out of Europe. The cardholder does not have to pay any expense up front when the claim is filed, nor throughout the process. Only if the response to your case is favourable, AirRefund will charge a commission of 25% for Bankia Visa cardholders, instead of the usual 30%. Further information in the following link.

You can consult the Standardised European information. Consumer credit (INE) (PDF, 129 kB).