Tarjeta Compras

  • Choose how to get your money at cash machines

    On credit or debit

  • Purchasing in shops. Dual in ATMs. Special conditions FOR BEING YOU.
  • Card Purchases

    Advantages of the Shopping Card

    • No registration fee if it is the first credit card you are contracting.
    • No maintenance fee if you spend more than € 5,000 on it during the twelve months prior to the fee due date.
    • Two cards in one: enjoy the convenience of being able to choose how to have your money at ATMs, directly from your account or, if you prefer, from the credit on your card.
    • You can choose the payment method you prefer:
      • Payment 100% the following month without interest.
      • Deferred payment of 5%, 10%, 25%, 50% of the credit used.
      • Discount on Hertz vehicle rentals. Up to 15% using the discount code* at the time of purchase.

    Moreover, if you have your income paid directly into your account in Bankia:

        • Free registration.
        • No maintenance fee provided you make at least one purchase a year.
        • Debit withdrawals always free of charge at more than 5,700 Bankia ATMs and 4 free withdrawals a month from Banco Sabadell and Euro 6000 ATMs associated with the agreement.
        • Discount of the 2 % in the service stations Galp without limit of amount, both in fuel and in shop, in Spain.