Tarjeta Flexible

  • Make your purchases with the peace of mind of knowing in advance

    The amount of your card instalment payment

  • You decide how much you want to pay every month. There is no registration fee. Benefit from liquidity with the Dinero Ya Service.
  • Crédito Flexible Card

    Advantages of the Flexible Card

    • No registration fee.
    • No maintenance fee if you undertake at least one monetary operation a year (purchase, transfer to account or withdrawal). If you do not fulfill any of the previous conditions, the cost will be 34 €.
    • Decide the fixed amount you wish pay each month: between 2% and 30% of your card's credit limit (minimum €30). Interest rate of 17.52% annual NIR and 19.00% APR.

      Example: an operation of 1,000 euros at 19.00% APR would be financed with a monthly payment of 200 euros for 5 months and one of €46.61 in the sixth month. Subject to study and terms and conditions of the card.

    • 2% discount at Galp service stations with no limit on the amount, in fuel and in the shop, in Spain.
    • Discount of up to 15% on Hertz vehicle rental when paying with your Flexible Card and giving the Promotional Discount Code (CDP) you can get from your Bankia branch.
    • If you need liquidity right away, the Dinero Ya Service you allow going through the balance of the card to the account for free.
    • Consult the details of your transactions 24 hours a day through the Oficina Internet.

    You can consult the Standardised European information. Consumer credit (INE) (PDF, 168 kB).