Tarjeta Flexible

  • Make your purchases with the peace of mind of knowing in advance

    The amount of your card instalment payment

  • You decide how much you want to pay every month. There is no registration fee. Benefit from liquidity with the Dinero Ya Service.
  • Crédito Flexible Card

    Advantages of the Flexible Card

    • No registration fee.
    • No maintenance fee if you undertake at least one monetary operation a year (purchase, transfer to account or withdrawal). If you do not fulfill any of the previous conditions, the cost will be 34 €.
    • Decide the fixed amount you wish pay a month: from 2 % and until 30 % of the credit limit of its card (minimum€30). Interest rate 17.52 % TIN annual and 19.00 % APR.

      Example: an operation of 1,000 euros at 19.00 % APR would be financed with a fee of 200 euros during 5 months and one of€46.61 the sixth month. Subject to study and terms and conditions of the card.

    • Discount of the 2 % in the service stations Galp without limit of amount, both in fuel and in shop, in Spain.
    • Discount of up to 15% on Hertz vehicle rental when paying with your Flexible Card and giving the Promotional Discount Code (CDP) you can get from your Bankia branch.
    • If you need liquidity right away, the Dinero Ya Service you allow going through the balance of the card to the account for free.
    • Consult the details of your transactions 24 hours a day through the Oficina Internet.

    You can consult the Standardised European information. Consumer credit (INE) (PDF, 75 kB).


    Current promotion

    Discount of 5% in Department Stores, with the Flexible Card.

    (1) Promotion valid from 01/10/16 to 31/01/17 for newly registered Flexible Cards from 01/10/16 to 31/12/16, provided you have not previously had a Flexible Card, nor have you cancelled one in 2016. Maximum discount of €50 per card; the amount credited is subject to Personal Income Tax or, where applicable, to Non-Resident Income Tax, and to compliance with the obligations established under these tax regulations. Granting of the card is subject to approval by Bankia. More information on the promotion in the Notarial bases (PDF, 126 kB) or in its branch Bankia.

    **Renewal fee if no purchases are made per year: € 34.