Tarjeta Débito Particulares

  • Our debit card is as essential and close to you

    Like the keys to your house

  • No registration or maintenance fee*. Maximum security in operations. Essential in your portfolio.
  • Personal Debit Card

    Advantages of the Particulares Debit Card

    Our Debit card is the ultimate card. Its ease of use, all of the benefits it offers and its special conditions make it simply essential.

    • No registration fee (1): if this is the first debit card you are contracting or if you belong to “FOR BEING YOU”.
    • No maintenance fee if you belong to “FOR BEING YOU”.
    • Security: you will be asked for the PIN code every time you use your card, with the aim of increasing the security of purchases.
    • You will be able to make purchases in shops and withdraw cash at ATMs around the world, always as debit(2).

    A whole series of advantages designed so that your Personal Debit Card is the star of your wallet: because it is useful, because it is essential.

    (1) Otherwise €20 will be charged as registration and maintenance fee.
    (2) See in Bankia.es/Libro of Fares or in its Branch.