Tarjeta Dorada de Renfe

  • Benefit from discounts of up to 40%

    on train tickets with the Renfe Tarjeta Dorada card

  • For the over-60s or those over 18 receiving a pension. Up to 40% of discount on your train tickets. Free Advanced Legal Protection Service from Legálitas.
  • Tarjeta Dorada de Renfe Debit

Benefits of the Renfe Tarjeta Dorada card

A card with which you will enjoy travelling by train.

  • In major lines and AVE
    • Monday to Thursday: 40% of discount.
    • Friday to Sunday: 25% of discount.
  • In local commuter and regional lines
    • Discount of the 40% every day of the year and in any train.

The Renfe Gold Card is intended for people over 60 or pensioners over 18 years old who are in a situation of permanent, total, absolute or severe physical or mental disability, as well as to people with a disabilities equal to or greater than than the formally declared 65% threshold.

People who need to obtain the companion's cards should request them directly at Renfe.

Free insurances and services

The Renfe Tarjeta Dorada gold card also offers you a free package of services and insurance:

Advanced Legal Protection Service by Legálitas (PDF, 47 kB)