Tarjeta ONG Cruz Roja

  • Bankia donates 50% of the profits to the Red Cross

    Obtained by use of the card in shops

  • Collaborate with the Red Cross. Bankia donates 50% of the net profit obtained. You just have to use your card to pay in shops.
  • Red Cross NGO Card

Features of the card

  • It is one of the cards included in the Bankia NGO project.
  • In this way, Bankia donates 50% of the profits to the Red Cross obtained by use of the card in shops. This is a customised card with the Red Cross image and logo.
  • Preferential conditions in the AirRefund service for claims against airlines due to cancellation, overbooking or delays on flights in and out of Europe. The cardholder does not have to pay any expense up front when the claim is filed, nor throughout the process. Only if the response to your case is favourable, AirRefund will charge a commission of 25% for Bankia Visa cardholders, instead of the usual 30%. Further information in the following link.

The Red Cross is an international NGO whose founding principles are: humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality. All of its activities are based on these foundations protection for life and health.

To learn more about the objectives of the Red Cross and the actions it carries out, visit its website www.cruzroja.es

If you want to help out by using the NGO Card but you don't have one yet, you can contract it from this same page.

You can consult the Specific pre-contractual information (IPE) (PDF, 53 kB).