Discounts for Young Persons

Discounts for Young Persons

Save on trips, restaurants, boutiques, technology, home, health, beauty... a world full of advantages just for being a Bankia customer.

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Nobody knows better than you how to find the best price. You know exactly where to look for special offers and how to save on your trips, where to get half-price cinema tickets and how to wait for exactly the right moment to get a bargain on your favourite clothes brand.


At Bankia we don't want disguise ourselves as youth, but we would like to offer you the best selection of special offers and additional discounts in hundreds of shops and online purchases.


Also, to make it easier to find what you're looking for, you can select the area where you want to find discounts and receive regular emails featuring the products that most interest you. You will find two types of discounts:

  • Direct savings

  • Cashback!

How can I access the Discounts?

Accessing the discount area is very simple. Simply access the private area of this website and go to the menu “Discounts” to discover everything we have prepared for you.

Access requirements

    • Be a Bankia Customer. And if you're still not with us, go to your nearest Bankia branch.
    • You're aged between 14 and 30 (inclusive).
    • Have access to the Oficina Internet.




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    La Casa del Libro

    Accumulate a 5% saving for your piggy bank, in both physical books and e-books.

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    The best daily deals with an additional saving of 5%.

We remove your fees

Just for being you, we eliminate fees in your Bankia accounts and cards