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Bizum: if you take mobile phone, take money

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Fast and single. With Bizum can send and receive money via the app of your bank. The money arrived at the account of who you want in less than 5 seconds. In a sure way, using only the phone number.

You will be able to use Bizum via App Bankia or via Bankia Wallet . You can download you any of the app from Google Play or AppStore.



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    Bizum Payment among friends

    Pay your part of the account of the restaurant, the entrance of a concert or the present of a friend is simpler than never.

    Payments and charges

    from mobile phone to mobile phone

    For mobile phones

    Android or iOS

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    Bizum Payment in businesses

    Now can carry out your online purchases, without thinking in the portfolio nor in the cash and pay with the mobile phone of fast and sure way.

    Purchase from your mobile phone

    to the trade

    For mobile phones

    Android or iOS