• What is a digital signature and how can obtain her?

    The digital signature is one numerical password between five and eight characters that you will obtain at the time of the contracting of the service. This key is necessary to carry out certain operations in the digital service channels, such as anyone who require mobilisations of funds (transfers, internal transfers, tax payment,…), contracting of products, modification of conditions, etc.

    If at the time of carry out an operation of this kind do not have your digital signature or this is found blocked, you will be able to create a new one from Bankia Online or from the App Mobile phone. Additionally can unblock your digital signature key in any ATM of Bankia introducing one of your operational cards.

    And if it prefer, also can attend to a branch Bankia, where will be able to provide it to you.

  • How can pay a tax?

    Bankia has agreements established with large number of utility and financial companies, in addition to Town Councils, etc. that they allow carrying out its bills' payment and taxes via our digital service channels.

    To pay the bills or tax contributions can do it so much from our App Bankia's Mobile phone as from our Bankia Online, in which also will be able to consult our Search engine of Issuers.

  • How can operate online?

    If you are already Bankia's client can give you of registration from the button “Access clients” that you will find in the right header of the web portal, clicking then in the button “Request keys”.

    If you are not yet Bankia's client, can give you of registration in our website accessing the button “Do you client” located at the header of the web portal. Or if it prefer can attend to any of our branches.

  • Planning the retirement: thinking in tomorrow

    To find out more please click on the following links:

    Planning for your retirement. Think about tomorrow (PDF, 1.48 MB).

  • Informative poster of the IDEP, Act 3/2016, of 9 June

    You can consult the information regarding the Act 3/2016, of 9 June in following documents:

    Informative poster DEP (PDF, 182 kB).

    Delivery documentation index prescriptive (IDEP) (PDF, 257 kB).

  • Banking products: accounts, operations, cards

    To find out more please click on the following links:

    Banking products. Transactional accounts, cards (PDF, 1.25 MB).

  • What is the IBAN code?

    The International Bank Account Number (or IBAN) is a series of alphanumeric characters that uniquely identify an account held at a financial institution anywhere in the world.

    For Your outside transactions, is appropriate to use together with the IBAN the BIC (Bank Identifier Code) of Bankia (CAHMESMMXXX). The aim of these two standards is to facilitate the automatic processing of cross-border payments.

  • The property: mortgage

    To find out more please click on the following links:

    Housing. Mortgage (PDF, 731 kB).

  • How can know which is the code SWIFT (BIC) of an account?

    The BIC code (Bank Identifier Code), also called the SWIFT code, is a series of eight or eleven alphanumeric characters that identifies a Financial institution or a branch from a Financial institution. For its outside transactions, is appropriate to use together with the IBAN the BIC (Bank Identifier Code) of Bankia (CAHMESMMXXX). The aim of these two standards is to facilitate the automatic processing of cross-border payments.

  • Which are the main fees that charges Bankia?

    In Bankia have removed the fees to all our clients. Accounts administration fees and maintenance, the fees of usual debit cards, the fees for transfers without limit and for any service channel… and of course, do not be paid for the national cheque deposit.

    You can consult the rest of information and conditions of the programme FOR BEING YOU. Additionally have available in our footer all the information on Fares and Fees.

  • Saving and objectives: emergency fund

    To find out more please click on the following links:

    Saving and objectives. The emergency fund (PDF, 1.6 MB).

  • Products of investment: return and risk

    To find out more please click on the following links:

    Investment products. Profitability and risk (PDF, 1.25 MB).

  • Employment and unemployment: job safety

    To find out more please click on the following links:

    Employment and unemployment. Job security (PDF, 2.05 MB).

  • How can find the address of the ATMs of Bankia closer?

    In the header of the web portal have an immediate access to the Branch and ATM search engine, where you will be able to find the address of all our ATMs and branches.

    In addition, if you access the App of Bankia from any mobile device will be able to find the closest ATMs to your current location.

  • The financial education of your children

    To find out more please click on the following links:

    The financial education of your children (PDF, 1.11 MB).

  • The finances of the couple: the marriage and the children

    To find out more please click on the following links:

    Your spouse’s finances. Marriage and children (PDF, 1.3 MB).

  • Enterprise and self-employment

    To find out more please click on the following links:

    Enterprise and self-employment (PDF, 1.47 MB).

  • How consult the balance of an account?

    You can consult the balance of your account directly from Bankia Online or the App Bankia.

  • The family budget

    To find out more please click on the following links:

    The family budget (PDF, 4.2 MB).

  • How can contact with Bankia?

    In the header of the web portal have a button of "Customer service”, where will find our contact phone numbers and all the information on our attention service channels.

    If it prefer, can attend personally to any of our branches Bankia. Finds your branch nearer in the Search engine of available branches in the header of the web portal.

  • Debt: lent money

    To find out more please click on the following links:

    Indebtedness. Money lending (PDF, 1.45 MB).

  • What is the renting?

    Is a long-term rent in which all are included the necessary services so that the vehicle is always in mint condition.

  • 2. How me register in the service?

    • Download and/or updates the app Bankia Wallet in your telephone from GooglePlay.
    • Accesses with your keys of Bankia Online.
    • In the menu of side, date of registration from the section Payment for mobile phone.
    • Selects the card with which wish pay.
    • Ready!

    Pantallazo of the payment for movil Pantallazo of the payment for movil

  • 10. How know if the payment has been done or not correctly?

    Will be indicated if the reading has been correct or incorrect via a notification of user.

    Correct: Pantallazo of the application Bankia Wallet Incorrect:
  • What you can include within the contract of renting?

    The services included depend on the type of product, being pre-set and without possibility of changes for the Campaigns and being contractible according to the customer needs in the case of Customised Renting.

  • 19. Works the payment for mobile phone in all the businesses?

    Currently the Payment for mobile phone works in any trade with technology contactless (without contact).

  • What services include the campaigns?

    • The rent of the vehicle.
    • Preventive maintenance and corrective.
    • Comprehensive insurance without fixed at a premium franchise.
    • Unlimited substitution of tyres including punctures and bursts.
    • Vehicle of substitution until 15 days for every immobilisation in the repairs of sheet and paintings.
    • Breakdown service from the km 0, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    • Available customer services 24 a day 365 days a year hours.
    • Management of fines in official channel.
    • The expenses of registration and delivery.
    • The taxes inherent to the registration and tenancy of the vehicle.

    This product includes the services standard of the market, more the more complete coverages that they do of Bankia Renting a top-quality differential product.

  • Which are expenses of constitution of a mortgage?

    Expenses of constitution of a mortgage are:

    • Expenses of valuation of the property to mortgage.
    • Notarial expenses because of arrangement in writing.
    • Enrollment registered.
    • Tax of Stamp Duty.
    • Expenses of management that will carry out and will make follow-up on all the described procedures.
  • How can do a simulation of a mortgage?

    In our website you can access a simulator of mortgages that you will allow knowing the mortgage that better is adapted to your needs and the expenses associated with the purchase of your house.

  • What is a stop-loss order (Stop Loss)?

    The stop loss are levels or sales points that a client can establish on a position of which is holder, and they serve to limit the losses in an operation of securities trading, when the contribution of a value is found above the above-mentioned level.

    The objective of this kind of orders is avoid that an operation generates a great loss which the client wishes assume.

  • How can consult the IBAN CODE of an account?

    To calculate the IBAN enters Bankia Online and enquiry your account (appears reflected in the upper part).

  • What is FinanExpress? What are the main features?

    The Service Finanexpress it allows postponing, in up to 12 months, your expenses of the day by day in the easiest way and fast.

    So much of your direct billing bills as of the purchases that you carry out with your debit or credit card, will be able to receive offers via SMS, Oficina Internet, App mobile phone or ATMs, that you will allow paying in instalments in up to 12 months in an instantaneous way.

  • What is the APR?

    APR (Annualised Percentage Rate): This is the effective annual cost of the loan. It not only takes into account the initial interest rate, but also any possible interest rate revisions, the repayment term and the commissions linked to the transaction.

    All in all, is the actual interest rate that you will pay in your loan.

  • What fees have the cards?

    Thanks to the programme FOR BEING YOU, the clients with direct billing incomes do not pay fee in its usual debit cards and also can have until four dropped out of free cash a month in foreign ATMs (Banco Sabadell and euro 6000).

    See conditions of the programme (PDF, 145 kB).

    You can consult fees of cards in the book of Fares and fees or in your branch.

  • What is an interest rate derived from?

    Is a contract through which the two parts agree, during a period of time, an exchange of obligations and/or fee-paying rights, calculated on the same face value.

  • How can modify the limits of my card?

    If need modify the limit of your credit card can do it via Bankia Online or addressing to any branch of Bankia.

  • How calculate the return of an investment fund?

    The return of an investment fund in a certain period is calculated as the percentage of variation of the net asset value in the ending date of the period and the net asset value at the start of the mentioned period.

    If which want is know your shares' return deep down, that is, the percentage of profit or loss that you have obtained with your invested money, you must calculate the percentage of variation of the net asset value between the date of subscription (purchase of the shares) and the reimbursement date (sale).

  • What is a consumer loan?

    Is a loan in which the contracted amount owes allocate to the acquisition of consumer goods, products or services such as household appliances, vehicles, pieces of furniture, trips, etc.

  • 18. There is some limit of operations?

    Every associated card to Payment for mobile phone will have a limit of 30 operations to carry out via this service. When you access Bankia Wallet this number of operations will be renewed automatically without the need for that the client carries out no special stock.

    When the number of operations is arriving at its end, a message will be shown in the notifications to renew them.

    Pantallaxo Bankia Wallet

  • What types of insurance can contract?

    In Bankia at your disposal put a wide range of insurance to give coverage to all your assurance needs.

  • What is the net asset value?

    The net asset value is the price of each share at one point. Is calculated dividing the assets of the fund between the number of shares in circulation in that certain moment.

    With general character, the managing entity calculates the net asset value daily and has the obligation of doing public via its website and of the newsletters of stock exchanges of securities.

    There are certain funds that, for its nature or for characteristics of the assets in which invest, can calculate the net asset value with a superior frequency.

  • What is a loan?

    Is a contract through which the lenders moves forward a cash amount (principal) to the borrower, with the obligation of that it returns the principal and some interests negotiated.

  • What is Bankia Wallet?

    Bankia Wallet is the app of Bankia that you you allow managing and operate with your cards Bankia.

    Between the available operations will be able to find the change of PIN of the cards Sticker, the enquiry of the movements and key data of the card, the expiry date and the CVV in order to be able to carry out your online purchases. Additionally will be able to carry out internal transfers of money to an account from a credit card (Money Already) and carry out incomes in your cards.

    The Bankia Wallet App is available for free in Apple Store and Google Play Store or, if it prefer, capture from our code QR and download it to you.

  • I can pay directly bills in the account?

    You can carry out the payment and their direct payment via our automatic ATMs and our digital service channels in the simplest way:

    • Selects the option «Bill payment».
    • Follows the indications: details of the issuer, amount, etc.
    • Checks the details and accepts the operation.
    • You can pay directly your bills at the time of payment marking the option YES in the out-of-the-way «Direct billing».

    We saw to everything it necessary to change your bills' direct payment of the most comfortable way and sure for you.

  • What is Money already? What are the main features?

    With the service Money Already can transfer balance from your card to your account Bankia partner, within the available credit limit at the time. For this, only have carry out an internal transfer of the balance of your card to the associated account to the same one.

  • What is a guarantee?

    Signed commitment by an individual or institution, usually in a credit document, through which promises to reply for the fee-paying obligation that has another person in case this did not carry out it.

  • I have have contracted some additional product for the buy/sell of forward exchange?

    For the contracting of the buy/sell of forward exchange have have set up a Line Comex or a Line of Derivatives. Similarly for the contracting of any exchange rate derived from need have a Line of Derivatives and signed a contract CMOF.

  • What is a counted one?

    A cash transaction is made to apply it to operations that are settled dated value two business days of market, exceptionally, and just in some currencies, you will be able to contract operations value 0 and a business day of market.

  • 16. When trying pay appears an error in the POS

    Is recommended return to try it, in the event of persisting the error is recommended carry out the payment with a physical card. Low certain circumstances punctual a POS can not correctly work with the Payment for mobile phone.
    Before any doubt, or in case the error persists will be necessary to get in touch with the branch to confirm that the card is operational.

  • How can contract deposits for Internet?

    Contract a deposit on the internet is very easy, Bankia accesses Online, enters the menu Deposits and clicks in Contracting.

  • What are the ones derived from exchange rate? Bankia markets these products?

    The ones derived from exchange rate are alternative coverage products to the exchange insurance that they allow to our clients access the best conditions in order to be able to cover its exchange rate risk. Combining options and barriers activantes / desactivantes, can build custom-made coverages of the customers needs.

  • What other financing possibilities have available?

    In the field of individuals put at your disposal new financing services, among which we emphasise the service FinanExpress, as well as the service Money Already.

  • What is iupay!?

    iupay! is a free service that you will allow doing faster purchases for Internet in a sure way, simple and fast.

    Works as one virtual portfolio where will have collected all your cards. You will just have introduce the details when registering the first time via Bankia Online or of the App Bankia's Mobile phone.

    The main advantages that you offers iupay! are:

    • Security for your online shopping, just Bankia will have access to that information.
    • Simplicity and speed when buy.

    If you wish give you of registration just have access Bankia Online or to the App Bankia's Mobile phone where will have all the information that need.

  • 15. They have stolen me the portfolio, I can follow using the mobile phone to pay?

    If the physical card has been cancelled, this is automatically invalidated to carry out payments without the need for carry out stock one in the telephone. Even though the card follows shaped in the telephone, the operations will be rejected when trying pay since the card has been cancelled. To follow paying with the mobile phone, will be necessary to select another card.

  • 14. How deactivate the payment service for mobile phone?

    Pantallazo of the application Bankia Wallet

    You will just have disassociate the associated card in the Payment for Mobile phone. When deactivating will wear off of the telephone all the information related to the payments and it will not be possible to operate with the until it turns around to select a card.

  • 6. How know that I have the NFC (Near Field Conmunication) activated?

    The technology NFC is a technology of wireless communication (just as Bluetooth or Wifi) and you can activate her from reductions of the telephone.

  • 3. Is compatible my telephone?

    The mobile phone owes be Android with operating system Android 4.4 or superior and have technology NFC. It is not available for iPhone.

  • 5. It does not arrive me the SMS with the activation code, what do?

    Is necessary to have the confirmed and updated mobile phone with Bankia. If is not thus, can update it via an ATM or in your branch of Bankia.

  • How can return a bill?

    You will be able to do a refund of a bill fromTransactions selecting Return Bill in:

    • The App Bankia.
    • Bankia Online.

    Recuerda that also will be able to consult the PDF of the original transaction receipt.

  • What are the structured products?

    Investment structured products as alternative are characterised for linking its return to the evolution of certain underlying. These can be market indexes, baskets of stock, interest rates, inflation, currencies, etc. They exist different structure multitude in function mostly of the conditions that are had fulfill to reach different levels of return of the product.

  • How can access the purchase of structured products?

    To buy structured products is precise to consider not only the potential returns of each product but instead the risks associated with the same one.

    There are two major categories of structured as investment product: the structured deposits and the structured bonds. The first have the same guarantee when it comes to the recovery of the invested principal that a traditional deposit, and the seconds, according to the structure at risk can put partial or completely that principal.

    An additional difference very relevant is the guarantee of each product, that in the case of the deposits is of the company in which the deposit is constituted in the case of structured bonds of the issuer and where applicable guarantor, regardless of the company via that which has been acquired.

  • What documentation need to study my loan?

    • Identity document.
    • Annual Personal Income Tax.
    • Salary/quarterly Pension or PERSONAL INCOME TAX (in the event of self-employed worker).
    • Payment agreements.
    • Supporting document of the investment.
  • What is a trading of forward exchanges?

    A trading of forward exchanges is applied to operations whose maturity date is higher than two business days of market, being a very flexible product when allowing advances (use before the contracted maturity) and extensions (area of the contracted maturity).

  • What is a structured deposit?

    A structured deposit is characterised for linking its return to the evolution of certain underlying. These can be market indexes, baskets of stock, interest rates, inflation, currencies, etc.

    They exist different structure multitude in function mostly of the conditions that are had fulfill to reach different levels of return.

    The structured deposits have the same guarantee of refund of the principal that a traditional deposit.

  • Which is the period of lack in a life insurance?

    In the life insurances do not apply lack, the coverage is done effective from the moment of the taking out of the insurance.

  • I can consult the IBAN and my accounts' movements via Mobile Banking?

    From the App Bankia's Mobile phone at all times can consult the balance and movement of your accounts, as well as carry out fund movement operations (internal transfers, transfers, bill payment, etc.) in a fast way, chest of drawers and sure.

    Additionally will have available your accounts in IBAN format with functionalities that you will allow copying comfortably your account number in the above-mentioned format.

  • How can consult the expiry date and the code CVV?

    The CVV is the code of verification of the card that it is usually necessary to indicate for the online shopping. In Visa Cards and MasterCard the CVV is 3 digits and is found in the reverse, together with the reserved space for the signature. In American Express cards are 4 digits and they appear in the obverse. The expiry date of the card is found situated between the number of the card and the name of the holder.

    Additionally can consult these details comfortably from the App Bankia.

  • How can charge my pension plan?

    There are various ways to charge the spared thing in your pension plan. Is recommendable that before settling on one of them, you advisers on which is that which you results more beneficial from the fiscal point of view. Ways of charge are:

    • Capital: the provision is received in an only charge.
    • Financial incomes: the amount is fixed that it wishes receive and the frequency until the end of the accumulated capital. In this way, benefits from the return that goes generating the pension fund with the non consumed capital. This formula is adapted to its economic needs of each moment, because it he allows modifying freely the amounts and the frequency of the charge.
    • Insured incomes: the amounts that receives are fixed and they hire with a company insurer, which him guarantees the charge of the income in the term previously set. The conditions of this income you can not modify subsequently.
    • Charges without regular frequency: the money is had in the shape of payments without an established frequency.
    • Mixed: the combined provision, a part is charged in the shape of capital and another in the shape of financial incomes. The combination of the way of charge you can freely modify.
  • What is a mortgage?

    A mortgage is the operation through which a financial institution us makes a loan, suitable to the investment and to our risk profile, usually for acquisition of property.

  • I can buy or sell stock via my Mobile Broker?

    If, via the App Bankia's Mobile phone you will be able to access the operations of securities trading nationals. From your Securities account will be able to sell your deposited stock in Bankia, as well as buy new stock or securities.

    If you not yet have the App Bankia's mobile phone, capture our QR and download it to you free.

  • What tax advantages have the contributions carried out to pension plans?

    A pension plan can suppose a significant saving district attorney that it will be great how much elder is the income level of the shareholder. This saving is produced thanks to that the amount of the contributions reduces the general basis of assessment of the PERSONAL INCOME TAX, as long as you obtain earned incomes or of economic activities.

    The limit of the annual contribution is 8,000 euros and the limit reduction district attorney is fixed in the minor of the following amounts: the contributed amount or 30% of net yields of the work and of perceived economic activities during the financial year. Additionally, if your spouse does not obtain net yields of the work nor of economic activities or it obtains them in amount lower than 8,000 euros a year, will be able to reduce of its general basis of assessment of the PERSONAL INCOME TAX the contributions carried out to the pension plans of which is holder your spouse with the maximum limit of 2,500 euros a year.

    Once start receivable the pension plan, the perceived amounts (provisions) have earned incomes fiscal consideration, which is why they pay taxes in the PERSONAL INCOME TAX of the shareholder/contributor.

    Given that the way of receiving the provisions is flexible is significant to advise on the way that it is more beneficial for you from the fiscal point of view. In the case of the titleholder’s death of the pension plan, the payees will pay taxes for the perceived as earned incomes amounts in its statement of the PERSONAL INCOME TAX. They are not subjects to the tax on Successions and Donations.

    This information is in accordance with the current legislation and you would be able to modify in the future.

  • 4. I can use the payment for mobile phone if I have the Bankia Sticker Wallet stuck in the telephone?

    Not, if you want use Payment for mobile phone must withdraw the sticker.

  • Insurance Policies: forecast

    To find out more please click on the following links:

    Insurances. Forecast (PDF, 1.19 MB).

  • What differences there is between a current account and an account of saving?

    The difference between saving current account and account is that a current account is an account of transactionality full to that which can associate card and chequebook. An account of saving presents compensation package, but has operational limitations.

  • What is a policy of loan?

    Document through which the granting of a loan is implemented by a financial institution.

  • Need credit carried out the test MiFID for the buy/sell of forward exchange or derivatives?

    So much the buy/sell of forward exchange as the ones derived from exchange rate are classified such as complex products according to the standard MiFID, which is why is essential credit carried out the tasks MiFID before its contracting.

  • How can contract a pension plan?

    In our page of the web portal of Pension Plans, within the section of Saving and Investment, will find all the information that need.

    Via our simulator, according to your age, your saving skills and your return expectations, will be able to know which are the plans that better are adapted to your needs and link with the contracting via Bankia Online.

    If it prefer also can attend a branch from Bankia.

  • How pay directly my salary?

    You can pay directly the salary, informing to your company of the IBAN of your current account Bankia.

    If it wish, fills in the attached form (PDF, 30 kB), prime it and send it to your company.

  • What types of renting offers Bankia?

    Bankia does not market in a direct way this product.

  • What operations can carry out via my Mobile Broker?

    Via the App Bankia's Mobile phone will be able to consult the position and movements of your securities accounts, buy and sell national securities as well as consult its contributions. Additionally have markets information with the assessment of reference rates principals.

  • Which are the types of investment funds?

    • Fixed income funds: they invest in assets of fixed income (obligations and bonds, bills, promissory notes...).
    • Variable income funds: the majority of the assets of these funds is invested in stock. Are established subcategories according to the market in which is invested, the business sectors.
    • Mixed Funds: they invest both in fixed-interest financial securities and in income values variable. How much elder is the percentage of great equities is the risk and great the expected return.
    • Guaranteed funds: funds that they guarantee the invested principal more a return, fixed or variable, to a future certain date.
    • Funds of Funds: they invest more than 50% of its assets in other investment funds.
    • Overall funds: funds that they do not fit in none of the previous categories, for not having the obligation of setting the percentage to invest in assets of fixed income and/or variable or its assets' credit rating.
  • What is a deposit?

    A banking deposit is a product of saving, in which the money is invested to a certain term receiving a compensation package.

    In Bankia there are various possibilities of contracting to find the perfect union between return and term.

  • How choose my credit card?

    Enquiry our card catalogue and if need advice to choose a credit card, address to any branch Bankia.

  • What is a mobilisation between funds and how pays taxes?

    Is an operation through which an individual goes through, total or partially, the investment made in an investment fund to another different fund.

    With this operation the reimbursement is made, total or partial, of the shares that you have in an investment fund to carry out the subscription of the reimbursed amount in shares of another fund. This way, the reimbursed amount is transferred directly of the fund origin at the back destination, together with the fiscal information.

    For you, as an investor, the mobilisations do not have fiscal effects in the PERSONAL INCOME TAX, since there is a regime of deferral, in such a way that when the amount obtained in the reimbursement or transmission of the shares of the investment fund is allocated to the acquisition or subscription of other shares in investment funds, will not proceed count the patrimonial gain or loss, and new shares subscribed will keep the value and the date of acquisition of transmitted or reimbursed shares.

    The regime of deferral will not result of application when using any means puts on at the disposal of the contributor the amount derived from the reimbursement or transmission of the shares of the investment fund or, where applicable, the subscription or acquisition has the aim shares of exchange-traded funds, neither be them when it has the aim index open-ended investment company' stock quoted, or when it is shareholders of the funds of banking assets. You must take into account that a mobilisation of investment funds supposes a reimbursement and a subscription. Therefore you, you should pay the subscription fees or reimbursement if brochures of the funds thus it establish.

  • What is a Cap?

    Cap is a product to cover of possible interest rate rises, through this product the client a maximum rate is ensured that it will pay in exchange for a paid single premium at the start of the operation.

  • 12. I can do reimbursements in ATMs?

    Yes, is possible to carry out reimbursements in Bankia ATMs with technology Contactless. It will be necessary to type in the pin always.

  • 13. I can do refunds of purchases?

    Yes, just as with a normal card, will be able to do refunds of purchases carried out, as long as you have selected the same card with which the purchase was completed.

  • 11. Is necessary the pin to carry out a purchase?

    Will be owed type in the pin in the terminal contactless when the purchase is equal to or more than € 20.

  • Which is the period of lack in an insurance of health?

    In general, the majority of the health insurance's provisions begin to provide service at the time of the contracting of this, but in order to be able to use some specific services that are included, the insured person, sometimes, he owes expect some time.

    For example, if the insured person has carry out a surgical procedure, the exclusion term will be 6 months.

  • In a life insurance which is the taxation in the event of death of the insured person?

    • If the payee is individual the provisions will pay taxes in the tax of successions and donations (in the event of existing several payees, each will pay taxes for the part of the capital that him corresponds).
    • If the payee is legal person the provision will pay taxes as a deposit in the corporation tax.
  • How can consult the details of my insurance?

    All the insurance that they have contracted our clients can consult in Bankia Online.

  • How change the access code?

    The most comfortable way of modifying the access code via Bankia Online. At the top of all the pages selects in the Keylink and you will be able to manage your electronic signature or create a new one.

    Recuerda that if you are client multiaccess and you modify your signature, this will be modified for everyone Bankia's digital service channels.

    In addition, if you modify your access code, also will be seen modified the PIN NUMBER of your associated card.

  • 1. What is the payment for mobile phone?

    An available service in Bankia that it allows the clients pay in businesses directly with the mobile phone, without needing to use a physical card.

  • What is an investment fund?

    An investment fund is type of collective investment institution (CII) without legal entity whose assets is set up for the contributions of investors, called shareholders.

    With the aim of obtaining are created a return in profit of the total of the assets offering to participates the a series of advantages derived from that union of the assets of great quantity of investors to those which would not be able to access in the event of carrying out in an individual way.

  • How can open an account?

    You can open an account from Bankia Online entering the menu Accounts/Contract.

  • I can carry out a transfer via my mobile phone?

    If, from the App Bankia's Mobile phone you will be able to carry out transfers comfortably from anywhere. Just need your electronic signature key in order to be able to validate the operation.

  • Which are the main advantages of the renting for an individual?

    • Integrates in a single payment services that they should contract for separate.
    • It allows using a vehicle without anticipating no amount.
    • Saving of time in the total management of the vehicle made by the company of renting.
    • Assistance to a great control and planning of expenses.
    • It allows having new vehicles periodically, which consequently the image is improved and more efficient vehicles is had and insurance.
    • Deletes the loss of value in the sale of the used vehicle.
    • Any authorised person by the holder of the contract can use the vehicle.
  • Which are the main advantages of the renting for a company?

    • Integrates in a single payment services that they should contract for separate.
    • It allows using a vehicle without anticipating no amount.
    • Is achieved access special purchase conditions which involves a smaller monthly fee of the rent.
    • Assistance to a great control and planning of treasury.
    • Is a deductible expenditure, being able to be it until its entirety, according to the percentage of use affection to the occupation for freelance professionals and companies.
    • The VAT/IGIC is compensable in the same applied percentage as a deductible expenditure.
    • It allows having new vehicles periodically, which consequently the image of the company is improved and more efficient vehicles is had and insurance.
    • Increases the time at the disposal of the company as a productive good.
    • Deletes the loss of value in the sale of the used vehicle, as well as other incidental expense risks.
    • Simplifies the management and control.
    • Any authorised person by the holder of the contract can use the vehicle.
  • What is the Quality guarantee Bankia?

    In certain models in which this special condition is outstanding in the offer, the client-if it is not satisfied - will be able to return the vehicle without penalty one. To come from this way will not have elapsed credit the term of a month from the date of made available communicated by Alphabet, the vehicle has not suffered no external nor internal damage (unless the damage was owed a defect from manufacture) and carried out are not had with him more than 1,000 kilometres. This guarantee is of an only use by client.

  • I can modify characteristics of the vehicle and/or of the price in the campaigns?

    In the campaigns there is no negotiation of prices nor of characteristics of the vehicle, only you will be able to choose the term and the mileage and in some colour cases, although in Customised Renting contractings you will be able to shape the car to its taste, with the optional, colour and accessories that the client wishes.

  • What type of vehicles you can contract?

    All the vehicles that you can drive with the B1, standard family cars and light commercial vehicles driving licence until 3,500 Kg of Weight Limit.

  • Which is the duration and the Mileage that you can contract?

    The term more frequent is 48 months, although you can contract between the 24 and the 60 months and from 10,000 km/year at 200,000 km in the total of the contract. In the case of the campaigns, will be selected between certain terms and Mileages prearranged.

  • The term of the contract is mandatory?

    Yes, the contracted term is which predominates to give validity to the contract, since the fact of arriving at the contracted total mileage before the completion of the term, does not involve the completion of the contract. In the event of wanting in advance cancel the contract, this establishes a penalty of 50% of the outstanding installments.

  • You can expand or reduce the contracted mileage or term?

    Yes, a would be done recalculo for the sake of variety conditions of term and/or mileage and therefore the fees would vary as a result.

  • What happens if I want cancel before complying with the contracted term?

    In the event of wanting in advance cancel the contract, the contract establishes a penalty of 50% of the outstanding installments.

  • What happens if it comes over or it does not arrive at the contracted km?

    So much if is produced excess as a defect in the kilometres carried out with regard to the negotiated, in the contract appears the receivable amount or to pay as appropriate.

    The fact of exceeding the contracted total mileage, does not involve the completion of the contract, being the term of contracting, the indicator of reference for the validity of the contract.

  • How the excess is settled/defect of mileage of an early cancellation, volunteer or accidental?

    A streamlining will be done of the prorated mileage to the date of completion.

  • Whose is the one owned by the vehicle?

    The vehicle is owned by the company of Renting, that yields the use and it enjoys to the client, for the contracted time, in exchange for a monthly fee.

  • Where the vehicle is delivered?

    The vehicle will be delivered in an Official Concessionaire of the chosen brand. With general character will be the closest one to your address.

  • Where are done the maintenances?

    Alphabet has a streamlined network of workshops to ensure a service with the maximum quality that it gives coverage across the Whole of Spain. When need carry out a maintenance for the vehicle, contacts with us and you will manage the previous appointment with our preferred workshop for your maximum comfort.

  • What type of insurance is included with the contract of Renting?

    For the Campaigns the surely is included is a comprehensive insurance without fixed at a premium franchise, that is, without review nor for CPI, nor for accident rate. Is a type of surely has a level of great coverages to the usual one of the market and that therefore it would have a high contracting amount when trying match it with a particular insurance.

    In addition, only in the cases of Customised Renting, there are other types of insurance, as they can be the open insurance of reviewable premium (surely varies annually because of CPI and accident rate) and the comprehensive insurance with franchise of premium reviewable. These types of insurance are contractible to choice of the client.

  • Who can drive the vehicle?

    Any person that has in force suitable driving licence for circular in Spain, regardless of the driving licence age or longevity.

  • Whom covers the insurance of the Renting?

    Covers to the driver and to the occupants with level of coverages higher than the standard of the market of individuals.

  • I can go to the foreigner with the vehicle?

    Yes, you can travel to the foreigner as long as it requests authorisation to Alphabet.

  • Is necessary to be Bankia's client in order to be able to contract a renting?

    Yes, is necessary to be client and pay directly the payment of the fees in an account of Bankia.

  • What have do before any incidence that suffers the vehicle?

    Before any situation, are always available, 24 a day 365 days a year hours, in the 900 Bankia - 900 226 542.

  • ¿Puedo realizar una aportación inicial, que me permita reducir las siguientes cuotas? I can carry out an initial contribution, that I afford reduce following fees?

    Yes, you would be able to carry out an initial contribution that would allow reducing monthly fees of the contract. In the case of the campaigns will depend on the same.

  • I can contract a vehicle in the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla?

    Yes, although in Canary Islands as in the Autonomous Cities, can give the case of that the contracted vehicle is not exactly the same one that in peninsula and economic and tax conditions would be able to do vary the monthly fee established in peninsula.

  • How are Managed the fines?

    After receiving the fine, you have communicate it to Alphabet via the telephone of attention 24 hours and there will receive the precise instructions to do which is considered in each case.

  • What is the DEV?

    The Electronic Address Vial, is one BBDD in which all companies of Renting have the legal obligation of updating with the name of the vehicle's lessor (just as is identified to the owner, exists the obligation of identifying to the leaseholder in the event of sanction).

    Has binding force for legal persons and volunteer for individuals from, on 2 October 2016.

  • Will inform Bankia Renting on when owes a client carry out the maintenances?

    No. The accountability of knowing and happening the maintenances with the frequency established by the manufacturer of the vehicle is of the client, although before any doubt will be able to consult us always via the 900 Bankia – 900 226 542.

  • Some extra amount will charge me to him if my car has a breakdown or damage that it exceeds of a maximum amount?

    Not, all the damages that it can suffer the car of accidental way, are included in the fee of Renting, so much accidents as those coming from those coming from mechanical breakdowns.

  • What happens if the vehicle is declared total loss because of total loss or theft?

    The contract would be cancelled, dated the catastrophe with no cost for the leaseholder, the part corresponding to the mileage would only be settled for its charge or deposit.

  • They are included the expenses of the ITV?


  • What have do to obtain me distinctive of Living in a city that has regulated parking lot areas?

    Once deliver you the vehicle, you will have get in touch with Alphabet via the 900 Bankia – 900,226,542, where you will provide the information and certificate necessary to its management before the corresponding City Council.

  • How a change of tyres is determined when they are unlimited?

    Are determined for the natural wastage of the tyre, thus you will be able to change the tyres so many times as it is necessary provided that the depth of the band of rodadura of the tyre is lower than the 2mm, being 1.6mm the minimum legal for circular.

  • You can install an accessory a vehicle from Renting, for example a tow luggage rack or ball?

    Yes, previous authorisation and communication to Alphabet. The vehicle is had return in the state in which was delivered.

  • You can do Renting of vehicles that need specific transformation?

    Yes, for this it will be necessary that you attach us the proforma of the transformation that you want carry out, such as a transformation to isotermo.

  • Is included the maintenance of the accessories included in the Renting?

    Not, for example, if a vehicle isotermo adds a machine of refrigeration this yes would be insured in the event of accident but you would not be cover for the maintenance contract.

  • You can label the vehicle?

    Yes, can request us that the lettering is included in the contract, or you can label moves away. The vehicle is had return as was delivered.

  • You can acquire the vehicle when finishing the contract?

    In the contracts of renting there is no call option, although you can request the market value of market to the completion of the contract and acquire the car in the event of being interested.

  • The client can choose the concessionaire to acquire the vehicle or it chooses Alphabet?

    At first not, will be Alphabet that which chooses the granting between the streamlined concessionaires.

  • How can tell to my home insurance in the event of catastrophe?

    With a simple call to the telephone 902 136 524.