• What is a digital signature and how can I obtain one?

    A digital signature is a numerical password of between five and eight characters that you will obtain when you sign up for the service. This key is necessary to carry out certain operations in the digital service channels, such as anyone who require mobilisations of funds (transfers, internal transfers, tax payment,…), contracting of products, modification of conditions, etc.

    If at the time of carrying out an operation of this kind you do not have your digital signature or it is blocked, you will be able to create a new one from Bankia Online or from the App Mobile phone. You can also unblock your digital signature password at any ATM of Bankia by inserting one of your operational cards.

    And if you prefer, you can also visit a Bankia branch where they will be able to give it to you.

  • How can I pay a tax?

    Bankia has agreements established with large number of utility and financial companies, Town Councils, etc. therefore allowing you to comfortably pay your bills and taxes through our digital channels.

    You can pay both bills and taxes from our Bankia's Mobile Phone App and our Bankia Online, in which also will be able to consult our Search engine of Issuers.

  • How can I operate online?

    If you are already a Bankia customer, you can register via the “Sign in” button that you will find in the top right-hand of the web portal, clicking on the link “Request passwords”.

    If you are not yet a Bankia customer, you can register on our website by clicking on the button “Register as a customer” button located in the website header. Or if you prefer, you can visit any of our branches.

  • 2. How can I sign up for the service?

    • Download and/or update the Bankia Wallet app on your phone from GooglePlay.
    • Enter with your Bankia Online codes.
    • On the side menu of side, register in the Mobile Payment section.
    • Select the card with which you wish to pay.
    • Ready!

    Mobile payment screenshot Mobile payment screenshot

  • 19. Does Mobile Phone Payment work in all shops?

    Mobile Phone Payment currently works in all shops with contactless technology.

  • What are the costs of taking out a mortgage?

    The costs of taking out a mortgage are:

    • Valuation costs for the property to be mortgaged.
    • Notarial expenses for the deed signing.
    • Entry in the property registry.
    • Stamp Duty.
    • Cost of the "gestoría" that will undertake and follow up all the administrative procedures described.
  • How can I do a simulation of a mortgage?

    On our website you can access a mortgage simulator that will allow you to find out which mortgage best suits your needs and the costs associated with the purchase of your home.

  • What is the APR?

    APR (Annualised Percentage Rate): This is the effective annual cost of the loan. It not only takes into account the initial interest rate, but also any possible interest rate revisions, the repayment term and the commissions linked to the transaction.

    In summary, it is the actual interest rate you will pay on your loan.

  • How can I consult the IBAN code of an account?

    To find out your IBAN, log in to Bankia Online and take a look at your account (it's shown at the top).

  • Can I make a money transfer with my mobile phone?

    Yes, from Bankia's Mobile Phone App You can perform transfers at your convenience from any location. You just need your electronic signature password in order to validate the operation.

  • How can I open an account?

    You can open an account on Bankia Online by entering the Accounts/Sign up menu.

  • What is an investment fund?

    An investment fund is type of collective investment institution (CII) without a legal entity whose capital consists of the contributions of the investors, known as shareholders.

    They are established for the purpose of obtaining a return in the interest of the total capital, offering shareholders a series of benefits derived from that union of the capital of a large number of investors that said investors would be unable to obtain individually.

  • 1. What is mobile payment?

    A service available from Bankia that allows customers to pay in shops using their mobile phone, with no need for a physical card.

  • 10. How will I know if the payment has been made correctly?

    Will be indicated if the reading has been correct or incorrect via a notification of user.

    Correct: Large Bankia Wallet application screen Incorrect:
  • How change the password?

    The most comfortable way of modifying the access code via Bankia Online. At the top of all the pages selects in the Keylink and you will be able to manage your electronic signature or create a new one.

    Remember that if you are a multi-access customer and you change your signature, it will be changed for all of Bankia's digital service channels.

    In addition, if you change your password, the PIN number of your associated card will also be changed.

  • How can I consult the details of my insurance policy?

    All the insurance that they have contracted our clients can consult in Bankia Online.

  • In a life insurance what tax will have to be paid in the event of the death of the insured person?

    • If the beneficiary is an individual, the payment will be subject to Inheritance and Gift Tax (if there are several beneficiaries, each will pay tax on the part that corresponds to them).
    • If the beneficiary is a legal entity the payment will be subject to corporation tax.
  • What is the waiting period in a health insurance policy?

    Most of the health insurance's benefits begin to accrue on taking out the insurance, but the insured may sometimes have to wait to use some specific services included.

    For example, if the insured requires a surgical operation, the grace period will be 6 months.

  • 11. Do I need the PIN to make a purchase?

    You will have to type your PIN into the contactless terminal when the purchase is for € 20 or more.

  • 13. Can I return a purchase?

    Yes, just as with a normal card, you will be able to obtain refunds for purchases, as long as you have selected the same card with which you made the purchase.

  • 12. Can I withdraw cash from ATMs?

    Yes, is possible to carry out reimbursements in Bankia ATMs with technology Contactless. It will be necessary to type in the pin always.

  • What is a Cap?

    A Cap is a product that covers possible interest rate rises. Through this product the customer is assured a maximum interest rate in exchange for the payment of a single premium at the start of the operation.

  • How can I advise my home insurance in the event of claim?

    With a simple telephone call 902 136 524.

  • What is a mobilisation between funds and how is it taxed?

    It is an operation whereby an individual transfers, in whole or in part, the investment made in one investment fund to another fund.

    With this operation you make a total or partial withdrawal of the shares you have in an investment fund to place the amount withdrawn in shares of another fund. In this way, the reimbursed amount is transferred directly from the source fund to the target fund, together with the fiscal information.

    For you, as an investor, the movements do not affect your personal income tax as there is a deferral regime under which, when the amount obtained in the reimbursement or transmission of shares in an investment fund is allocated to the acquisition or subscription of other shares in investment funds, they will not be computed as a capital gain or loss, and the new shares subscribed to will maintain the value and the date of acquisition of the transferred or reimbursed shares.

    The deferral system will not apply the amount derived from the reimbursement or transmission of the holdings in the investment fund is placed at the taxpayer's disposal by any means or, as the case may be , the subscription or acquisition is addressed to holdings in quoted investment funds, nor when it is addressed to shares in listed variable-capital investment firms, or in the case of unit holders of banking assets funds. You must take into account that a movement of investment funds entails a reimbursement and a subscription. Therefore you will have to pay the subscription or reimbursement fees if this is provided for in the fund brochures.

  • What is FinanExpress? What are the main features?

    The FinanExpress Service it allows postponing, in up to 12 months, your expenses of the day by day in the easiest way and fast.

    These can be both your direct debit bills and any purchases you make with your debit or credit card, you will be able to receive offers via text message, Oficina Internet, mobile App or at ATMs, which will allow you to pay in installments of up to 12 months instantly.

  • What is a deposit?

    A bank deposit is a savings product in which the money is invested at a certain period, receiving a return.

    Bankia offers various contracting possibilities to find the perfect combination between return and period.

  • What are the different types of investment fund?

    • Fixed Income Funds: they invest in assets of fixed income (obligations and bonds, bills, promissory notes...).
    • Equity Funds: the majority of the assets of these funds is invested in stock. Sub-categories are established according to the market in which investment is made and the business sectors.
    • Mixed Funds: they invest both in fixed-interest financial securities and in income values variable. The larger the percentage of variable income, the greater expected return and risk.
    • Guaranteed Funds: funds that they guarantee the invested principal more a return, fixed or variable, to a future certain date.
    • Funds of Funds: they invest more than 50% of its assets in other investment funds.
    • Global Funds: funds that they do not fit in none of the previous categories, for not having the obligation of setting the percentage to invest in assets of fixed income and/or variable or its assets' credit rating.
  • What operations can I carry out via my Bróker Móvil?

    With the Bankia's mobile phone app you will be able to check the position and movements of your securities accounts, buy and sell national securities and consult their quotations. You will also have market information with the evaluation of the main reference rates.

  • What types of renting does Bankia offer?

    Bankia does not market this product directly.

  • How can I set up direct deposit for my paychecks?

    You can set up direct deposit for your paychecks by telling your employer the IBAN of your Bankia current account.

    If you want, fill in the attached form (PDF, 30 kB), print it and send it to your company.

  • How can I contract a pension plan?

    On our website of the Pension Plans portal, within the Saving and Investment section, you will find all the information you need.

    Through our simulator, depending on your age, your saving capacity and your return expectations, you can find out which plans best suit your needs and proceed with the sign-up process via Bankia Online.

    If you prefer, you can also visit a Bankia branch.

  • Do I need to have taken the MiFID test for foreign exchange insurance or derivative products?

    Both FOREX insurance policies and those derived from the exchange rate are classified as complex products according to MiFID regulations, which is why it is essential to have carried out the MiFID tasks before contracting them.

  • What is a loan agreement?

    A document which implements the granting of a loan by a financial institution.

  • What are the differences between a current account and a savings account?

    The difference between a savings and a current account is that a current account has full transactionality and can have an associated payment card and chequebook. A savings account pays interest, but has operational limitations.

  • Insurance Policies: forecast

    If you want to know more about this subject, we offer you the following links:

    Insurances. Forecast (PDF, 1.19 MB)

  • 4. Can I use mobile payment if I have the Bankia Wallet Sticker on my phone?

    No. If you want to use Mobile Phone Payment you must remove the sticker.

  • What are the tax advantages of contributing to pension plans?

    A pension plan can offer significant savings on tax payments. which will be greater the higher the income of the participant. This saving is made possible because the amount of the contributions can be deducted from the general base of your Personal Income Tax, as long as you earn income from work or economic activities.

    The annual contribution limit is 8,000 euros and the tax deduction limit is the lesser of the following amounts: the amount paid in or 30% of net earnings from work and economic activities during the financial year. Additionally, if your spouse does not receive earnings from work or economic activities or earns less than 8,000 euros a year, you will be able to deduct from your general personal income tax assessment basis the contributions to pension plans of which your spouse is the titleholder up to a maximum of 2,500 euros a year.

    Once you begin to receive payments from your pension plan, the amounts you receive (benefits) are considered as earned income for tax purposes and the shareholder/taxpayer must declare them on their income tax return.

    Given that the way of receiving payments is flexible it is important that you take advice on which is most beneficial to you for tax purposes. In the event of the death of the titleholder of a pension plan, the beneficiaries will pay tax on the amounts received as earned income on their personal income tax statement. They are not subject to Inheritance and Gift Tax.

    This information is in accordance with the current legislation and may be modified in the future.

  • Can I buy or sell shares via my Bróker Móvil?

    Yes, by using Bankia's Mobile Phone App You can access trading operations for Spanish securities. From your Share Account you will be able to sell the shares you have deposited with Bankia, as well as buy new stocks or shares.

    If you don't have Bankia's Mobile App yet, capture our QR and download it free of charge.

  • What is a mortgage?

    A mortgage is an operation through which a financial institution makes us a loan in accordance with the investment and our risk profile, usually to purchase a home.

  • How can I receive payment from my pension plan?

    There are various ways to receive payment of the amounts saved in your pension plan. We recommend that before deciding on one of them, you take advice on which is the most beneficial for you in terms of taxation. The ways of receiving payment are:

    • Capital: received in a single payment.
    • Financial incomes: the amount is fixed that it wishes receive and the frequency until the end of the accumulated capital. In this way, you benefit from the interest that continues to be generated by the unconsumed capital in the pension fund. This formula can be adapted to your financial needs at any particular time, as it allows you to freely modify the amounts and the frequency of payment.
    • Insured incomes: the amounts that receives are fixed and they hire with a company insurer, which him guarantees the charge of the income in the term previously set. The conditions of this income cannot subsequently be modified.
    • Collections without regular frequency: the money is had in the shape of payments without an established frequency.
    • Mixed: the combined provision, a part is charged in the shape of capital and another in the shape of financial incomes. The combination of the way of receiving payment can be freely modified.
  • How can I consult the expiry date and the CVV code?

    The CVV is the card verification code that normally needs to be given when making online purchases. For Visa and MasterCard the CVV is 3 digits and is found on the back of the card, next to the space reserved for the signature. In American Express cards, they are 4 digits and appear on the back of the card. The card's expiry date can be found between the card number and the name of the holder.

    You can also consult these details conveniently from the Bankia App.

  • Can I check the IBAN and the transactions on my account with Banca Móvil?

    From Bankia's Mobile App you can check the balance and movements of your accounts and move funds (transfers, bill payments, etc.) quickly, conveniently and securely.

    You will also have your accounts available in IBAN format with functions that will allow you to conveniently copy your account number in that format.

  • What is the exclusion period of a life insurance?

    We do not apply an exclusion period to life insurance, the coverage is effective from the moment you contract the insurance.

  • What is a structured deposit?

    A structured deposit has its return linked to the evolution of certain underlying factors. These can be market indexes, share baskets, interest rates, inflation, currencies, etc.

    There is a multitude of different structures and they vary mainly according to the conditions that have to be met to reach different levels of return.

    Structured deposits have the same guarantee of the return of the principal as a traditional deposit.

  • What is a Forex insurance?

    Exchange insurance applies to operations with a maturity date that is greater than two market business days. This is a very flexible product that allows for advances (use prior to the contracted maturity date) and extensions (extension of the contracted maturity date).

  • What documentation do you need to study my loan?

    • Identity document.
    • Annual Personal Income Tax return.
    • Payslip/Pension or quarterly Personal Income Tax return (in the case of freelancers).
    • Payment commitments.
    • Documentary proof of the investment.
  • How can I purchase structured products?

    To buy structured products it is necessary to consider not only the potential returns of each product, but also the risks associated with them.

    There are two major categories of products structured as investments: structured deposits and structured bonds. The former have the same guarantee as a traditional deposit in terms of the recovery of the principal invested; in the case of the latter, depending on the structure, part or all of the principal may be placed at risk.

    A very important additional difference is the guarantee of each product, which in the case of deposits is given by the institution in which the deposit is constituted; in the case of structured bonds it is given by the issuer and, where applicable, a guarantor, regardless of the body through which it was acquired.

  • What are structured products?

    Structured products as an investment alternative are characterised by having their return linked to the evolution of certain underlying factors. These can be market indexes, share baskets, interest rates, inflation, currencies, etc. There is a multitude of different structures that depend mainly on the conditions that need to be fulfilled to reach the different levels of return of the product.

  • What is a stop-loss order?

    Stop-loss orders are levels or sales points that a customer can set on a position of which they are the titleholder. They are useful for limiting losses in a securities trading operation when the price quoted for a security is above that level.

    The objective of this kind of order is to prevent an operation generating a loss greater than that which the customer is willing to take on.

  • How can return a bill?

    You can return a bill by going toTransactions selecting Return Bill at:

    • The Bankia App.
    • Bankia Online.

    Remember that you can also see a PDF version of the original transaction receipt.

  • 5. I haven't received the SMS with the activation code, What should I do?

    You must have your mobile phone confirmed and updated with Bankia. If it is not, you can update it at an ATM or your Bankia branch.

  • 3. Is my telephone compatible?

    The mobile phone must have the Android operating system v. 4.4 or later and NFC technology. It is not available for the iPhone.

  • 6. How do I know if I have NFC (Near Field Communication) activated?

    NFC technology is a wireless communication technology (like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) and you can activate it in your telephone settings.

  • 14. How can I deactivate the mobile phone payment service?

    Large Bankia Wallet application screen

    You just have to disassociate the card associated with Mobile Phone Payment. When you deactivate it, all the information on the phone related to payments will be erased and you will not be able to operate with it until you select a card again.

  • 15. My wallet or purse has been stolen. Can I keep using my mobile phone to pay?

    If the physical card has been cancelled, payments are automatically invalidated, without the need to make any adjustment to the telephone. Although the card will continue to be set up on the phone, any attempted transactions will be rejected, as the card has been cancelled. To continue paying with your mobile phone, you will have to select another card.

  • What is iupay!?

    iupay! it is a free service that will make your online shopping faster, simpler and more secure.

    It works like a virtual wallet where you can keep all of your cards. You will just have introduce the details when registering the first time via Bankia Online or of the App Bankia's Mobile phone.

    The main advantages iupay! offers you: are:

    • Security for your online shopping; only Bankia will have access to that information.
    • Quick and easy shopping.

    If you wish give you of registration just have access Bankia Online or to the App Bankia's Mobile phone where will have all the information that need.

  • What other financing possibilities are available to me?

    For individuals we provide you with new financing services, which as highlights include the service FinanExpress, as well as the service Dinero Ya (Money Now).

  • What are exchange rate derivatives? Does Bankia markets these products?

    Exchange rate derivatives are alternative products to Forex insurance that allow our clients to obtain the best conditions to cover their exchange rate risk. Combining options and activating/deactivating barriers we can build made to measure covers for our customers' needs.

  • How can I contract deposits on the Internet?

    Contract a deposit on the internet is very easy, Bankia accesses Online, enters the menu Deposits and clicks in Contracting.

  • 16. An error appears on the POS when I try to pay

    We suggest you try again. If the error persists, we recommend you pay with a physical card. Under certain specific circumstances, a POS may not work correctly with Mobile Phone Payment.
    In the case of any doubt, or if the error persists, you should contact your branch to confirm that the card is operational.

  • What is a spot rate?

    A cash transaction is carried out to apply to operations that are settled with a value date of two market business days; exceptionally, and only in certain currencies, it is possible to contract operations with a 0 and one market business day value.

  • Do I have to have some additional product contracted for a foreign exchange insurance?

    To contract a Forex insurance you must already have set up a Comex Facility or a Derivatives Facility. Likewise, to contract any exchange rate derivative you will need to have set up a Derivatives Facility and signed a CMOF contract.

  • What is a guarantee?

    A commitment signed by an individual or company, normally in a credit document, by which they agree to meet the repayment commitments of another person if that person fails to meet them.

  • What is Dinero Ya? What are the main features?

    with the Dinero YA service you can transfer balance from your card to your account Bankia account, up to the credit limit available at that moment. All you have to do is transfer the balance from your card to the account associated with it.

  • Can I set up direct debits in the account?

    You can pay them and pay by direct debit through our ATM network and our digital service channels in the easiest way:

    • Select the option "Bill payment".
    • Follow the indications: issuer details, amount, etc.
    • Check the details and accept the operation.
    • You can setup your bills to be paid by direct debt at the time of payment by marking the option YES in the "Direct Debit Billing" section.

    We take care of everything necessary to transfer your direct debits in the most convenient and secure way for you.

  • What is Bankia Wallet?

    Bankia Wallet is the Bankia app that allows you to manage and operate with your Bankia cards.

    Among the available operations, you will be able to change the PIN of your Sticker cards, check your transactions and other basic card data, the expiry date and the CVV you need to make online purchases. Additionally you will be able to transfer money from a credit card to an account (Dinero Ya) and pay money into your cards.

    The Bankia Wallet App can be downloaded free of charge from Apple Store and Google Play Store or, if you prefer, capture and download it from our QR code.

  • How should I choose my credit card?

    See our card catalogue and if you need advice about choosing a credit card, go to any Bankia branch.

  • What is a loan?

    It is a contract through which the lender advances a cash amount (the principal) to the borrower, who is obliged to repay the principal and an agreed amount of interest.

  • What is the net asset value?

    The net asset value is the price of each share at one moment. It is calculated by dividing the equity of the fund between the number of shares in circulation at that particular moment.

    In general, the managing company calculates the net asset value daily and has the obligation of announcing it via its website and the stock exchange bulletins.

    There are certain funds that, due to their nature or the characteristics of the assets they invest in, can calculate the net asset value more frequently.

  • What types of insurance policies can I contract?

    Bankia places at your disposal a wide range of policies to cover all your insurance needs.

  • 18. Is there any limit on transactions?

    Each card associated with Mobile Phone Payment will have a limit of 30 transactions to be made using this service. When you access Bankia Wallet, this number of operations will be renewed automatically without the need for the customer to take any special action.

    When the number of operations is reaching its limit, you will be prompted to renew them by a message in Notifications.

    Bankia Wallet screenshot

  • What is a consumer loan?

    It is a loan in which the contracted amount must be spent on the acquisition of consumer goods, products or services such as household appliances, vehicles, furniture, travel, etc.

  • How do I calculate the return of an investment fund?

    The return of an investment fund in a certain period is calculated as the percentage of variation of the net asset value at the end date of the period and the net asset value at the start of the said period.

    If what you want to know is the return on your holdings in the fund, that is, the percentage of profit or loss you have obtained with your invested money, you have to calculate the percentage of variation of the net asset value between the subscription date (purchase of the holdings) and the reimbursement date (sale).

  • How can I change the limits on my card?

    If need modify the limit of your credit card can do it via your Online Bankia or addressing to any branch of Bankia.

  • What is an interest rate derivative?

    It is a contract through which two parties agree, for a period of time, an exchange of obligations and/or payment rights, calculated on the same face value.

  • What fees are charged on the cards?

    Thanks to the FOR BEING YOU programme, customers who have their income paid directly into their bank account do not pay fees on their usual debit cards and can also have up to four cash withdrawals a month at non-Bankia ATMs free of charge (Banco Sabadell and euro 6000).

    See conditions of the programme (PDF, 121 KB).

    You can consult the card fees in the book of Tariffs and fees or in your branch.