What is a microloan and who can solictarlo


A microloan is a loan of small amount, and with associated low interests, that is given to cover entrepreneurs' productive needs and SMEs that, another way, would not be able to access a loan.

They are the most frequently used method of financing to promote initiatives of self-employment in groups at risk of social exclusion with the assistance of NGO and other organisations. To this day, are the perfect alternative for self-employed workers and entrepreneurs that need financing to implement a project.

This type of financing it offer both banks and savings banks and another type of financial institutions.


In addition, there is the possibility of accessing a microloan via the Public Administration, as microloans granted by the EU or the Government of Spain.


Characteristics of the microloans


As a financial product, have a series of common characteristics, regardless of the financial institution that it grants them:

  • Its amount fluctuates, usually, between the € 10,000 and the € 25,000.
  • For its granting are not demanded guarantees nor personal warranties, but instead the presentation of a viable entrepreneurial project and of future.
  • They have more advantageous conditions that the loans of the financial system traditional, as an interest lower, great repayment installment , period of lack wider or absence of fees.


How request it


To obtain a microloan is necessary to carry out a process of application similar to the one of any other credit or loan, with the following stages:

  • Evaluation: the candidate presents a plan of business that is analysed by the company.
  • Presentation of the application: the application is presented together with the required documentation.
  • Personal interview: the entrepreneur explains its business idea.
  • Assessment of the application: experts of the company qualify the feasibility of the project in relation to the economic conditions.
  • Granting or refusal.
  • Arrangement of the microloan.



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