What involves the granting of a mortgage to the 100 %


One mortgage to the 100 % it is the loan that it finances the purchase of a property for the total of its appraisal value. In addition, in some cases mortgages to the 100 % can be ‘to the 100 % + expenses’, that is, that in addition to to finance the maison aggregate value, include the expenses associated with the purchase: taxes, notary's office, valuation, record, etc.

With a mortgage 100 % the buyer can enjoy a system of payment a lot more comfortable. Usually, before buying a house is recommended to have spared around 20 % of the property price to offer it as an entrance or to have it as a 'mattress' for expenses; in the case of a mortgage to the 100 %, the client can face the purchase of the property without the need for to have spared money.


Characteristics of the mortgage


  • It usually offers wider repayment installments that other mortgages, that they can arrive up to 40 years.
  • They are destined for properties that they constitute the first property of the applicant of the loan, not for second residences nor another type of properties.
  • Involve the contracting of other products with the financial institution, as the salary paid in directly or the contracting of insurances.
  • They can impose higher interest rates that other mortgage loans, in payment with the fact that provide enormously the access to the property to many buyers that, another way, would not be able to obtain a mortgage.

You want to know the value of the property that you are going to buy and to calculate the mortgage that you can obtain?


You can use one property assessment tool to go out of doubts with the assessment of properties, and a mortgage simulator to know your fees' amount.


How to obtain her


To obtain a mortgage to the 100 % you can give four situations:

  • The purchase price of the property is lower than the appraisal value: as the 80 % of the maison appraisal value is usually given, when the purchase price is lower than this amount, the bank can consider the option of financing the 100 % of the cost of the purchase and sale agreement.
  • The client has a high solvency or a very stable employment situation: this type of mortgages usually requires of a financial stability registration and work, which is why is usual that offers him to him who fulfill these requirements.
  • The property that is acquired is owned by the bank: in such cases conditions of financing of the company are a lot more advantageous than in a mortgage to the use.
  • The mortgage is hired with a broker: If it is not possible to achieve the financing to the 100 % via a bank, you can attend to a broker, that you usually are more flexible with the percentage to be covered. They provide the 100 % of the money, although to a something more tall interest that that one of banks, and they are paid a fare for its services (between the 1 % and the 5 % of the total amount of the loan). In addition, compel to contract some financial product, as an insurance, a credit card or a pension plan.



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