Advice to sell a property


In a moment in which the purchase and sale agreement of housing does not stop growing and the second-hand market is especially active, is significant to take into account some details to sell of fast and simple way.


For where start


It does not be enough with put an announcement in the balcony and in a web portal. Before setting the selling price suits analyse in detail the real estate market. Comparing your property with others of similar characteristics (size, number of rooms, quality of materials, extras as garage or storage room, etc.) will be able to establish an adjusted price to the reality.

Factors to take into account when launch the offer.

  • The taxable value of the property
  • The price of valuation
  • If it is one direct sale or via property
  • The average price of the square metre in the area
  • The selling price of others similar housing
  • The to present our of the property: a flawless neatness, a neutral decoration and some good photographs sum.


Currently, there are tools online that help to know the real value of the property being based on other similar properties of the same area or showing the close services so that the user is directed on the added value that they contribute.


How get right with the correct price


Decide the exact figure of sale of a property is not an easy task, but there are some guidelines:

  • The be able to of the number 9. A price of € 9.99 is perceived at the most cheaper than another of € 10.00. Our attention, according to the neuroscience, hones in on the digit prior to the coma, which is why a price of just a cent less is received at the most more attractive. A flat of 149,999.00 € will receive lots more attention that another of € 151,000.00, although the difference between both is little significant one.
  • Avoid the round prices or slightly superior. Many buyers select a limit of prices in round numbers in its online searches, which is why a flat of 151,000 € would be excluded of the limit of € 150,000 and on the other hand one of € 149,000 would result interesting.
  • Be open to negotiate. The psychology has a major weight in the negotiation process and sale. Some buyers will not access buy if they do not feel that they have gained to lower the price, although it is in a percentage so small as 1% or 2% of the starting price.


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