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    Pension plans

    A pension plan is a product of saving and investment long-term whose fundamental purpose is that the holder has necessary funds to face its superannuation.

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    Investment strategy

    A strategy of investment is the set of rules, behaviours and procedures that an investor implements to achieve that its money grows.

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    Invest in Stock exchange

    Invest in Stock exchange is to participate in the purchase and sale of securities, such as stock of public limited companies, public bonds or private.

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  • What risk is there in an investment fund?

    The risk of an investment fund depends basically of the type of asset in which invests, their rating, geographical area to that which belong, the currency in which quote the same.

  • What is an investment fund?

    An investment fund is type of collective investment institution (CII) without a legal entity whose capital consists of the contributions of the investors, known as shareholders. They are established for the purpose of obtaining a return in the interest of the total capital, offering shareholders a series of benefits derived from that union of the capital of a large number of investors that said investors would be unable to obtain individually.