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One strategy of investment it is the set of rules, behaviours and procedures that an investor implements to achieve that its money 'grows'.

When to choose the securities portfolio in which to invest is essential to take into account two parameters: risk and profit. A conservative strategy will choose to minimise risks although the potential profit is smaller, whereas one strategy of investment more dared can offer more profit at the cost of increasing the risk.


Every investor has its preferences, although the usual thing is to search a break-even point.


If you have a healthy economy, perhaps have posed you to invest. But before implementing one strategy of investment it is fundamental to analyse in detail different options, its term, the risk and the return.

A good investment strategy is not that which allows obtaining the maximum short term return, but instead that which is going to be able to apply right up to the end. That is why it is necessary to have always in account the binomial return/risk and the need of diversify the investment, to cover possible losses.


What it is necessary to take into account before plunging to invest?


  • It analyses your tolerance/aversion to the risk.
  • Have clear the term during that which want or you can invest.
  • It studies and it compares options from investment available.
  • It plans one diversified investment, both in products and in terms.
  • Enquiry to a knowledge.


A diversified investment


Diversify the investment it is the best way of reduce the risk, since a varied portfolio in products, terms, categories and sectors various guarantees being able to face possible losses of a product with the profits obtained in other.

It does not earn more who more risks, but instead who uses the common sense and it chooses the most profitable strategy at all times. To identical return, is advisable always choose for the investment with less risk.

A good investment strategy, with steady and sure products, it can include:

  • PUBLIC debt.Principals types of public debt are Treasury bills, Bonds and Treasury bonds. The primary difference between them is the maturity. They are an option backed to the 100% for the State.
    • Advantages: Tall return, with the security of the State's guarantee.
    • Disadvantages: Low liquidity, to rescue the investment before term it is necessary to sell and to assume a risk.
  • FIXED Term DEPOSITS. A deposit it is a good option to take out party to your money if you want an insured return. It is the product star for the traditional saver.
    • Advantages: They allow investing without putting at risk the capital nor interest. The money is insured for the Deposit Guarantee Fund (FGD).
    • Disadvantages: If rescue the money before time would be able to lose interest. The return usually is cancellation.
  • INVESTMENT FUNDS. It there is a wide range of products, from the more conservative of fixed-income-that they invest in Treasury Securities, Promissory notes, Deposits..., until guaranteed funds-total or partially - or those of equities, with more risk.
    • Advantages: The variety of investment funds it allows finding that which more him suits to every person. And if the managing entity bankruptcy do not lose your money.
    • Disadvantages: Not protected by the FGD. If the fund is not guaranteed to the 100 %, would be able to have losses.
  • PENSION PLANS.This saving instrument and investment it is directed to ensure a capital that complements the superannuation or a situation of widowhood, disability, etc. With this product there is obligation of doing contributions on a regular basis and you can choose when and how to charge it.
    • Advantages: Great fiscal saving, can exceed the 40 %.
    • Disadvantages: Although need the money will just be able to rescue it in very specific cases, as a severe illness.
  • BOLSA. It is an investment with certain risks, and is significant to know details of the titles that you are going to buy, whether it is via a financial institution or a broker.
    • Advantages: Liquidity. It allows buying and sell easily in a broad investments variety and with great profits potential.
    • Disadvantages: It has more risk that other products and it requires broad knowledge of the market. No guaranty fund covers losses.


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Infographic of Esterategias of investment


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