What differences there is between a credit card and one of debit


card is one of the fee-paying means more used. It can be of credit or debit, according to the way in which the debt generated by the purchases is paid. With one debit card, the charge is made in the same moment of the purchase; whereas a credit card allows postponing and finance the payments.

There is 3 big differences that they allow distinguishing a card of the other.

  • The payment method. When is paid with debit card, is done automatically the charge in the account of the client, which is why is necessary that it has enough balance to face the payment of that purchase. On the other hand, with the credit card, not you must have funds, since the payment can postpone according to the conditions negotiated with the financial institution.
  • The possibility of financing. With a debit card the complete amount is paid of the purchase, whereas with a credit card you can postpone and finance the purchases because is not necessary that it has money in the account in order to be able to use the card. The purchases can pay to three ways' bank: to overcome month, in fractionated terms or through a fixed fee.
  • The interests. As the debit card involves the charge in account in the same moment of the purchase, there is no need to pay interests for using. However, yes that are generated interests when using the credit card, so much to the do a purchase as to the withdraw cash of an ATM, since the financial institution is financing that fund willingness.

Differences between a debit card and a credit card

What type of card suits use?


The credit cards and debit they can use indistinctly for some expenses, although there are situations in which suits have clear which suits use to avoid the payment of surcharges and expenses unwanted.

Broadly speaking, the debit cards they are the more recommendable for the day by day: to do the purchase in the supermarket, pay small additions in shops and restaurants, recharge a prepaid mobile phone...


Its main advantage is that are used with the same facility that the cash.


The ideal thing is reserve the credit cards to make payments of great amount, as the purchase of a household appliance, the arrangement of the car, bookings of trips… since it does not be necessary have balance at the time in the account in order to be able to face the payment. In this way, although an is not had emergency fund to go out of the step in unforeseen situations, you can pay the expenses in the moment more appropriate.

There is a broad one offer of credit cards and debit. If you have doubts of which is that which better is adapted to your needs, do not doubt in consulting with your personal manager so that it advises you.




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