Prosegur alarms

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  • Security at home and in your business

That nothing alters your calm, makes good use of all the advantages of the alarm exclusive Prosegur

  • Confidence. Service rendered by the leading company of security in Spain.
  • Speed. Reply in less than 30 seconds in the event of intrusion or fire.
  • Reliability. The Prosegur alarms has Triple-security before intrusion, inhibition and sabotage.
  • Innovation. Connection through the more new apps and website.
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    Pack Residencial

    To cover all needs of security so much in flats in height, attics, low or chalets.

    € 55.56

    in 36 fees(1)

    Protect you before thefts and fire and controls everything that happens at home with an innovative chamber.


    Registration fee

    - Security Triple alarm.
    - Detector of fire.
    - Chamber IP.

  • Digital devices

    Pack Negocio

    To cover the needs of any classification of businesses.

    € 65.98

    in 36 fees(1)

    Protect you before thefts and controls everything that happens in your business with an innovative chamber.


    Registration fee

    - Security Triple alarm.
    - Chamber IP.
    - Service vigilance 24x7.

We finance to clients the contracting of the alarm service with Prosegur at 0% APR. For more information contacts with your branch Bankia.

(1) Past tenses the 36 months, if you wish maintain the service will pay the fees directly to Prosegur.

PROSEGUR ALARM ESPAÑA S.L. with address in the Calle Pajaritos, 24, 28007, Madrid (hereinafter, “PROSEGUR”)

Within the framework of the collaboration agreement subscribed with BANKIA, S.A., there is the possibility finance the payment of the old products' purchase price through the acquisition of a financing of BANKIA S.A. in the conditions laid down for this company.

Received the application by PROSEGUR, this will get in touch with the applicant to proceed to the facility of the safety team within 72h except for unavailability of the client, at this time the contract will be subscribed with the trade one and all will be delivered the contractual documentation. PROSEGUR will be able to reject the application in case (i) the place of facility lacks suitable infrastructure of telecommunications, of power supply and/or of coverage in the place of facility (ii) verifies that the application of the team's facility does not comply with the minimum conditions necessary to a suitable service provision according to the willing thing in the applicable standard and/or to the safety criteria of Prosegur. The installed teams will have a guarantee of 2 years from its facility, that it will cover all defects of manufacture of facility and software that affect to its operation. In case the applicant has the consideration of consumer and user, will be able to desist of the contract subscribed with Prosegur within 14 counted calendar days from the facility of the System of security. To practice the right of withdrawal, he should notify its decision via an unequivocal statement that it will be able to send to Prosegur via any middle which is perseverance fehaciente, providing for this the model of form from withdrawal to the signing of the contract. In the event of early resolution, PROSEGUR will reintegrate the amount corresponding to the non lent service through the same payment method used by the Client. In the event of non-compliance of the period of permanence negotiated, Prosegur the faculty of demanding is reserved the indemnity that it matches arrangement to the contract subscribed with the Client. Elapsed the initial duration of the contract, this will be extended for annual installments, if none of the Parts communicated its withdrawal intention with a minimum of a (1) month's notice to the date of completion of the initial period, in the terms mentioned in the contract subscribed for these suppositions. For any information or claim on the service or the contracting, the client will be able to address to the e-mail address The contract subscribed with Prosegur and the activities derived from the same one, without prejudice to the general compliance with standards that they are him of application, will be governed for the regulatory Private Security regulator.

Financing subject to the approval of Bankia. Financing at 0% APR and 0% TIN a term from 36 months. Amount payable sum: residential package € 2000 and package business € 2,375 taxes included.