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  • Anticipo nómina

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  • Préstamo preconcedido

    Your ideas need no longer be just in your imagination. In Bankia you give credit so that they take way and are done reality.

    With immediate deposit

    in your account


    Selects amount and term

  • Préstamo coche

    Need change of car? Bankia offers you a tailored loan for purchasing your new car or motorbike.

    Fixed rate

    very competitive

    For new car

    used or moped

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    Crédito Sostenible

    For purchasing products that respect and protect environmental values.


    Finance sustainable products


    to a better environment

  • Niña rubia atándose los cordones de la zapatilla

    Crédito Puedes Más

    We give you credit so that your ideas take shape and become reality with a personal loan made to measure.


    Up to 60,000 euros


    Fixed or variable

  • Chica trabajando con plano sobre la mesa

    Crédito Joven

    Your mind is full of great ideas and small madnesses, and that's why we present a credit especially for you.

    You decide

    How much you need

    Until 60 months

    of term

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We eliminate fees from your accounts and cards POR SER TÚ

Associated products and services

  • Loan calculator

    Instantly find the loan that best meets your needs.

  • Credit cards

    We have a credit card for every need. Choose yours.

  • Life insurance

    Guarantees the payment of a capital amount to the beneficiaries of your insurance.

  • What types of renting does Bankia offer?

    Bankia does not market this product directly.

  • What documentation do you need to study my loan?

    • Identity document.
    • Annual Personal Income Tax return.
    • Payslip/Pension or quarterly Personal Income Tax return (in the case of freelancers).
    • Payment commitments.
    • Documentary proof of the investment.
  • What is a loan?

    It is a contract through which the lender advances a cash amount (the principal) to the borrower, who is obliged to repay the principal and an agreed amount of interest.