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  • Car loan

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Discovers our loans' advantages

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    Sustainable credit

    For the purchase of products that respect and they defend securities of the environment.

    Person in charge

    Finances sustainable products


    With best conditions

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    Crédito Puedes Más

    We give you credit so that your ideas take way and are done reality with a made personal loan customised.


    Until 60,000 euros


    Fixed or variable

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    Crédito Joven

    Your mind is replete of great ideas and small madnesses, that is why you present a credit especially for you.

    You decide

    How much need

    Without expenses

    Nor fees

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We remove you your accounts' fees and cards FOR BEING YOU

Associated products and services

  • Simulator of loans

    Discovers right away the loan that better conforms to your needs.

  • Credit cards

    We have a credit card for every need. Chooses yours.

  • Life insurance

    Guarantees the payment of a capital to the payees of your insurance.

  • What types of renting offers Bankia?

    Bankia does not market in a direct way this product.

  • What documentation need to study my loan?

    • Identity document.
    • Annual Personal Income Tax.
    • Salary/quarterly Pension or PERSONAL INCOME TAX (in the event of self-employed worker).
    • Payment agreements.
    • Supporting document of the investment.
  • What is a loan?

    Is a contract through which the lenders moves forward a cash amount (principal) to the borrower, with the obligation of that it returns the principal and some interests negotiated.