Préstamo Coche

  • If you want change of car

    We have the financing that need

  • Very competitive fixed rate. Until € 60,000 in 96 months*. For new cars, used and mopeds.

Advantages of the Loan Car

Need change of car? Bankia you offers a loan adapted to the purchase of your new car or moped with some very competitive conditions:

  • Available for the acquisition of a new car or used. Additionally for mopeds.
  • Interest rate: TIN annual 5.95% fixed during all the loan life. APR**: 6.78%.
  • Start-up fee: 1.5% (minimum ? 120).
  • Decides the day of the month in which want pay your bills, the number of annual fees (12, 13 or 14) and the repayment installment.

How contract it

If you are interested in the new Loan car attends to your branch. You have one near you.

And to buy an electric car...

And if which want is a hybrid vehicle, electric or propelled with alternative fuels low in issuances, contract our sustainablecredit, the loan committed to the environment.


*Financing subject to the approval of Bankia.

**Example of calculation of the APR for an average amount of € 12,000 to 60 meses.TIN annual: 5.95% fixed. APR: 6.78%. Start-up fee: 1.5% that is, € 180. This fee is paid at the time of the arrangement. Monthly fee: € 231.72. Amount payable sum: capital (€ 12,000) + interests (€ 1,902.84) + start-up fee (€ 180): € 14,082.84.