Préstamo Inversión y Pensiones

  • You offer a loan to finance your contributions

    to Bankia pension plans

  • Chooses between fixed or variable interest. Pay in comfortable fees. Guaranteed by the investment.
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Advantages of the Loan Investments and Pensions

With the Préstamo Inversión y Pensiones will obtain financing for:

  • Finance your contributions to pension plans of pensions Bankia and make good use of to the maximum your contributions' tax advantages.
  • Have liquidity for all that need: do refurbishment, to go of holidays, to buy a car or to pay your children' studies.
  • You can choose between a fixed interest rate or variable.
  • It decides on the day of the month in which want to pay your bills, the number of annual fees (12, 13 or 14) and the repayment installment.

*Credit subject to the approval of Bankia.