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  • Just for having your salary paid into your account and nothing else...

No Fee Mortgage

Only for paying directly your incomes you remove the fees if contracts a mortgage:


  • Without commitment fee.
  • Without appraisal fee.
  • Without early repayment fee.
  • Without fee of early cancellation.

The mortgage that adapts to your needs

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    No Fee Fixed-Rate Mortgage

    If you need to finance the purchase of your property, at Bankia we have the mortgage you're looking for. You'll be able to take out a No Fee Fixed-Rate Mortgage just for having your salary directly deposited into Bankia.

    From 1.70% NIR

    2.08% APR

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    Variable-Rate Mortgage With No Fees

    If you need to finance your home purchase, at Bankia we have the mortgage for you. You'll be able to take out a No Fee Variable-Rate Mortgage just for having your paycheck directly deposited into Bankia.

    From 1.99% NIR for the first year

    Euribor + 0.99% TIN, 1.20% APR

It is very difficult to find the house of your dreams.

Your house, your home

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    We help to ascertain the value of your house

    Go to our calculator and we will give you useful, personalised information to manage the sale or purchase of your property.

    Value your house
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    Bankia offers more than 20,000 houses so you can find your dream home.

    Haya Real Estate markets Bankia's new-build and second-hand houses with financing options and without fees if you have your income paid in directly.

    Check your house

Other products that may interest you

  • Niña y perro tras un ventanal

    Comprehensive Home Insurance

    The most complete insurance for your home, and one that offers you major advantages.

  • Friends toasting in a field

    Life insurances associated with financial operations

    Guarantees the financial stability of your loved ones; they won't be left with debts.

  • Madre con sus dos hijas

    Life insurance

    Guarantees the payment of a capital amount to the beneficiaries of your insurance.

  • Besides being able to take out a No Fee Mortgage, what other advantages are there for having my salary paid in directly?

    Moreover, for having your salary paid in directly you will not pay1 for:

    • The fees on all your usual Bankia debit cards.
    • Administration and maintenance fees on all your demand deposit accounts.
    • Fees on your Bankia credit cards. Fees for cash transfers in euros in Spain and the EU via any service channel and for any amount. Fees on your national cheque deposits in all your accounts. Fees for debit cash withdrawals at more than 17,800 ATMs.
    • Completely free at Bankia ATMs and up to 4 times per month per customer at Euro 6000 and Banco Sabadell ATMs.

    (1) More information in For Being You.

  • How can I find out the Euribor rate?

    To find out the official rates see the Banco de España website where they are published.