Hipoteca Sin Comisiones Fija

  • Only for paying directly your incomes (1) we'll waive the fees if you contract a mortgage. You will always pay the same thing

  • Without start-up fee. Without appraisal fee. Without cancellation nor early amortisation fee.
  • Drawing of a green key

Advantages of the Hipoteca Sin Comisiones Fija

We have thought in you and you offer a mortgage where we do not be paid fees

    • Deadline: Up to 30 years.
    • Amount: up to 80% of the investment in a main home.
    • Fixed interest rate (2).
    • Monthly fees.
    • From 1.70 % TIN, 2.08 % APR until 10 years.
    • From 1.95 % TIN, 2.30 % APR until 15 years.
    • From 2.00 % TIN, 2.34 % APR until 20 years.
    • From 2.05 % TIN, 2.37 % APR until 25 years.
    • From 2.10 % TIN, 2.41 % APR until 30 years. All the representative examples.


See Simulator of mortgages

Bankia takes over of following expenses of the mortgage:

Tax AJD: The attributes/taxes derived from this operation in which Bankia is passive subject.

Land Registry: Expenses related to registering this mortgage deed in the Land Registry.

Management: Expenses of management.

Notarial tariffs derived from the MATRIX of the writing. Similarly, will be payable by Bankia the notarial copies of the requested writing by Bankia in its own interest, (this is the electronic copy for the telematic presentation, the/s requested copies/s by Bankia for the enrollment registered of the mortgage and for the settlement of the taxes to its charge, as well as the copy executive how much requests it).

More information of the Hipoteca Sin Comisiones Fija


Further information (Act 3/2016 Andalusia)


(1) You can consult the full conditions published in the Servicio Nómina.

(2) Calculation formula of the fees of principal and interest repayment with the system of repayment French,
The fee of loan repayment depends on the amount, interest rate and term and is calculated with the next formulates:

Interests for fee = (Cp * i)/12
Repayment of principal = Fee - Interests for fee
Co = nominal amount of the loan, principal
n= duration of the operation in months
i= annual interest rate/12 in so much for one
Cp= Pending Capital

Mortgage secured loan. Subject of approval granting of Bankia.