Préstamo Autopromotor

  • For the construction or renovation of your house

    We offer you a loan to finance your project

  • Up to 3 years to finance the construction. Fixed or variable interest. Financing of up to 80% of the value of the investment.
  • Drawing of a green key

Advantages of the Préstamo Autopromotor

We place at your disposal a type of loan with which you can defray the cost of the work and, once completed, meet its cost with long-term financing.

The general conditions of the Préstamo Autopromotor are:

  • Deadline: you have up to 3 years to finance the construction of your property, period during which you will receive money from the loan as you continue to carry out the work. Once completed, you will have up to 20 years to repay your loan.
  • Amount: until 80% of the value of the investment in the event of home and until 60% in the event of rest of residence.
  • The interest rate can be fixed or variable. In the latter case, during the period of execution of the works the interest rate will be fixed, and once the works are completed the interest will be variable, revised according to the EURIBOR BOE 12 months plus a differential.
  • Monthly fees.
  • Repayment system : during the disbursement phase (up to completion of the work) interest will be paid only on the capital used. Once the house is completed, the loan repayment will be made in constant fees that will include both capital and interest.


Further information (Act 3/2016 Andalusia)

Pre-contractual Information Note (FIPRE) (PDF, 334 KB)

Supplementary Pre-contractual Information Document (DIPREC) (PDF, 340 KB)