Renting car MINI Cooper Countryman

MINI Cooper Countryman 100 kW (136CV) Gasolina

Valid offer until 31/12/2018. Limited no. of units.

Special offer for Bankia customers

Special offer for Bankia customers


VAT included*

If you wish contract a renting in Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla, contacts with us in the freephone number 900 226 542, or address to your branch.

Consult terms and conditions

Benefits of Bankia Renting

  • Fixed fee

    Fixed fee

    Monthly fixed fee, no down payment, so you can say goodbye to unexpected expenses.

  • All inclusive

    All inclusive

    No unforeseen events all the services are included in the price of the renting.

  • Savings


    Do your accounts: the renting is more economic that the purchase and the maintenance of a vehicle.

  • Bankia quality guarantee

    Bankia quality guarantee

    If you're not convinced, you can return it. Check out the conditions in "Terms and Conditions".


  • Maintenance and repairs

    At Bankia Renting we take care of all vehicle maintenance, both servicing and breakdown assistance. The driver's only obligations are as follows:

    • Check fluid and tyre pressure regularly, in accordance with the manufacturer's
    • Verify the type of fuel that refuels.
    • Provide attention to notifications of breakdown of the chart of instruments of the vehicle and in the event of appearing follow instructions established by the manufacturer of the vehicle.
    • Comply with the rented vehicle's Maintenance Plan.

    We have a group of top specialists offering quality maintenance services.

  • Unlimited tyre changes

    With Bankia Renting you can enjoy an unlimited tyre change services using top tyre brands. Tyres will be replaced depending on wear and this service also includes punctures, blowouts and kerb bumps.

    For the user's own security, it is advisable to regularly check tyre pressure and any signs of wear. When you think a tyre needs to be replaced or repaired, contact our Customer Services Desk, where we will send you to the nearest tyre shop to have your tyres checked and, if necessary, changed.

  • Comprehensive insurance without excess

    This service provides all cover, including legal liability, insurance of the driver and the passengers, legal defense or damages of the vehicle, with the calm of a fixed premium , without annual review, nor for CPI nor for accident rate.

    There is no minimum driver age or minimum licensed driving experience, provided the driver has a valid Spanish driver's licence.

    In the event of an accident, you can contact our Customer Services Desk, where we'll tell you what to do. If a third party is involved, whether the rented vehicle has been damaged or not, a European Accident Statement must be filled out.

    For your maximum comfort, have at your disposal a service of collected and delivery for the interventions of sheet and paintings in our network of certified workshops.

    In the event of theft of the rented vehicle, you are required to contact our Customer Service Desk and file the corresponding report with the local authorities, giving as much detail as possible about the circumstances of the accident.

  • Roadside assistance

    In the event of a breakdown or accident which immobilises the vehicle, you can contact our
    Customer Service Desk and provide the following details:

    • Full name.
    • Registration.
    • Exact spot where you find.
    • Mobile phone of contact.
    • Type of assistance sought.

    If you have a breakdown or accident abroad, you can also contact our Customer Service Desk. In any event, whenever the vehicle is going to be used outside Spain for a period longer than 7 consecutive calendar days, you should notify Customer Services.

    In addition, you offer a new tool that you will allow when requesting assistance in road, know through a SMS the geolocation of the crane that it is providing such service and know the estimated time in which will arrive at the place where your vehicle is found.

  • Management of fines

    The fine management service offers you unlimited resources to manage all infractions received on vehicles rented from us. We also offer a special price rate on legal advisory service for claims.

    Through our legal advisory service in the administrative law sector, we can offer all types of solutions to offer the best defence to all drivers of Bankia Renting vehicles.

  • Tax payment

    This service deals with paying road tax on all vehicles rented through us.

  • 24-hour driver assistance

    We are available for our drivers 24 hours a day at our Customer Service Desk on 900 226 542, where we deal with everything regarding your vehicle and services.

  • Replacement vehicle

    In the event of catastrophe of sheet with an immobilisation higher than 24 hours, put at your disposal a vehicle of substitution of the Middling Compact category (Volkswagen Golf or similar – Group C), during a maximum term of 15 days for intervention.

  • Pre-delivery vehicle

    We are aware of how important it is to you to be able to get around, so, thanks to this service, you can have a vehicle at your disposal for the same amount as your rental fee while you're waiting for your new car* to arrive.

    *Vehicle of a category lower than the contracted one, with the same services included in the renting.


  • Book an appointment

    To save you time, we offer an online appointments service for your mechanics, bodywork and tyre check appointments. This ensures quality service for all clients, saving time on each workshop intake.

Equipment included

Enjoy renting this car, which comes fully equipped with the following:
  • Inside

      • Five squares ( 2+3).
      • Luxury finishes: knob of the lever of changes in leather.
      • Seats of cloth (main material) and of cloth (secondary material).
      • Front seat of the individual driver, longitudinal reduction handbook and reduction handbook in height with reduction handbook of the backup, front seat of the individual companion and longitudinal reduction handbook with reduction handbook of the backup.
      • Three-seater back seats of type bank of orientation delantera with fixed and backup piano stool tip-up 40/20/40.
      • Sujetavasos in the front seats.
      • Console in the land.


  • Audio and communication

    • Six loudspeakers.
    • Team of audio with radio AM/FM, RDS and on the internet screen radio colour.
    • Remote control of audio in the steering wheel.
    • Data transmission via SIM in the vehicle with automatic advanced notification of collision.
    • Connection for: ipod forward and USB forward.
  • Exterior design

    • Aileron in the ceiling/upper part of the tailgate.
    • Chromium plating in the lateral windows.
    • Lighthouses with ellipsoidal lens, light bulb LED and headlights with light bulb LED.
    • Regulation of the lighthouses with reduction of height automatic, turn signals and sensor of environmental light.
    • Lights antifog delanteras.
    • Switched on day-time automatic.
    • Forwards and back tyres of 16 inches of diameter, 205 mm of gauge, 65% of speed profile and index: W with load index: 95 (details of the tyre officers of the brand).
    • Metallised paintings.
    • Longitudinal trunk in the ceiling in Chromium platings/Silvery.
    • Windscreen mirror.
    • Luneta fixed rear with limpialuneta intermittent rear.
    • Glasses dyed.
    • Wiper forward with sensor of rain.
    • Lavaparabrisas calentable.
    • Tires delanteras and rears in light alloy of 16 inches of diameter and 7.0 inches of gauge 40.6 and 17.8.
    • Pneumatic repair team.
  • Equipment

    • Takeover/s of 12v in the front seats.
    • Opening from a distance of the porter with remote control.
    • Control of cruise.
    • Lights of reading delanteras and rears.
    • Luz in the porter.
    • Espejo courtesy in driver in companion.
    • Board of analogical and digital instruments.
    • Rev counter.
    • Outside temperature thermometer.
    • Witness of belts ( five).
    • Computer on a trip with average speed, average consumer spending, instantaneous and autonomy consumer spending.
    • Steering wheel multi-function covered of leather ajustable in height and in depth.
    • Electric power steering with progressive tightening s/speed.
    • System of ventilation with digital screen, pollen and filter filter coal-burning asset combustion.
    • Differentiated air-conditioning controls digital for driver/companion.
    • Air conditioning biarea of automatic.
    • Outside rear-view mirror of the driver and painted companion with electric reduction desempañable.
    • Elevalunas electric forwards and behinds with two theirs of a single touches.
    • Pressure cancellation indicator of the tyres with visualisation of pressure and Set sensor in the tire.
    • Card / automatic intelligent key with kick-start without key.
    • Bluetooth ( includes connection for the telephone) ( includes music for 'streaming' ).
    • Button of kick-start of the vehicle.
    • Screen multifunction of 6.5 " Salpicadero 1, wheel and 16.5.
  • Environmental impact

    • Standard of issuances EU6.2 (C and D-temp), 134 g/km CO2 (combined).
    • Fuel consumption (ECE 99/100): 7.3 l/100km (urban), 5.1 l/100km (intercity), 5.9 l/100km (mixed), 13.7 km/l (urban), 19.6 km/l (intercity), 16.9 km/l (mixed) and 864 km of autonomy (combined) (source: EU6d-temp).
  • Protection

    Remote control central locking with electric window control.

  • Active security

    • Four brakes of record being two ventilated.
    • ABS.
    • Electronic control of traction.
    • Lighthouses with ellipsoidal lens, light bulb LED and headlights with light bulb LED.
    • Regulation of the lighthouses with reduction of height automatic, turn signals and sensor of environmental light.
    • Stability control.
    • Electronic distribution of the reined one.
    • System of servofreno of emergency.
    • Electronic hand brake.
    • Control of reined in curve.
    • Control of kick-start in pending.
    • Collision alarm system with monitoring of the driver of 15 km/at least notification h visual / acoustic.
    • Antifog frontal lights, dipped headlights, Day lights and lights of road with technology LED.
    • Recovery of the energy engine.
  • Passive safety

    • Curtain lateral airbag forward and behind.
    • Frontal airbag of the driver intelligent, frontal airbag of the companion desconectable and intelligent.
    • Forwards lateral airbags.
    • Two reposacabezas in front seats ajustables in height, three reposacabezas in back seats ajustables in height.
    • Seat belt forward in conductive and companion seat with pretighteners.
    • Back seat belt in conductive side, back seat belt in side companion, back seat belt in central seat of 3 points.
    • Preparation Isofix.
    • Test result of impact Euro NCAP:, overall score: 5.00, adult protection: 90.00, child protection: 80.00, pedestrian protection: 64.00, score aids to the security: 51.00, evaluated Version: MINI Countryman Cooper D 5dr HAS and Date of the test: 01 May 2017.
  • Optional equipment

        • 17", Imprint Spoke with operation in the event of breakdown.
        • Mats of velours.
        • Attendee of parking lot.
        • Control of distance in parking lot (PDC) forward and behind.
        • Black lines in the bonnet.
        • MINI Driving Modes.
        • Tyres with operation in the event of breakdown.
        • Metallised paintings.
        • Armrest forward.
        • System of fixation for child seat ISOFIX.
        • MINI navigation system.
        • Ceiling and chimney cowls of the black rear-view mirrors.
        • Seat height regulation companion.
        • Activate Guard.
        • Chili Network.
  • Engine and transmission

    • Front-wheel drive.
    • Limited landslide differential electronic type forward.
    • Engine of 1.5 litres ( 1,499 cc), three cylinders in line with four valves for cylinder, 82.0 mm of diameter, 94.6 mm of career, compression ratio: 11.0 and variable distribution; code of the engine: B38A15M0 11.0.
    • Compressor: one of type turbo.
    • Power supply: petrol - direct injection.
    • Fuel: unleaded 95 primal octanes and Fuel: petrol.
    • Benefits: 200 km/h of speed limit and 9.7 sec of acceleration 0-100 km/h.
    • Power of 136 CV ( EEC) 100 kW @ 4,500 rpm (power Max) 230 Nm of maximum pair @ 1,480 rpm (pair Max) power with primal fuel.
    • Suspension delantera type McPherson or similar with bar stabilizer through independent wheeled coil spring, multiarm back suspension (multi-link) with bar stabilizer through independent wheeled coil spring.
    • Handbook type transmission with completely handbook change of six marches with lever in the land, 3.538: 1 relationship of the reverse gear, 3.615: 1 relationship of the first speed, 1.952: 1 relationship of the second speed, 1.241: 1 relationship of the third speed, 0.969: 1 relationship of the fourth speed, 0.806: 1 relationship of the fifth speed and 0.683: 1 relationship of the sixth speed, code transmission: 6MTT220.
    • Class energy efficiency label A.
    • Filter of particles.
    • Start/stopped and synchro start Stop sign.

* If you would like to sign up for a Renting contract in the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla, contact us on freephone 900 226 542, or visit your branch.
information BANKIA, S.A. him informs of that the company with which will subscribe the contract of renting, in the event of approving its application, will be ALPHABET ESPAÑA FLEET MANAGEMENT, S.A.U., with Tax ID Code (NIF) (N.I.F.) to-91001438. BANKIA, S.A. acts in this contract process only as an agent of ALPHABET ESPAÑA FLEET MANAGEMENT, S.A.U.
ALPHABET ESPAÑA FLEET MANAGEMENT, S.A.U., is the only person responsible for fill the of the obligations set out in the current section (Bankia Renting) and in the pre-contractual information. It is a company unrelated to the Bankia group and it uses the Bankia Renting brand in virtue of a licence granted by BANKIA, S.A. The showed vehicles can not coincide with the offered version.

  • What is the renting?

    It is a long-term rental which includes all the services required to keep the vehicle in perfect condition.

  • What you can include within the contract of renting?

    The services included depend on the type of product, as they are pre-established for Campaigns and cannot be changed. In the case of Personalised Renting contracts, they can be tailored according to the customer's needs.

  • What services include the campaigns?

    • The lease of the vehicle.
    • Preventive and corrective maintenance.
    • Comprehensive insurance with no excess and with a fixed premium.
    • Unlimited replacement of tyres, including for punctured and burst tyres.
    • Courtesy vehicle for up to 15 days each time the vehicle is immobilised for bodywork and paintwork repairs.
    • Breakdown assistance service starting at km 0, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    • Customer Service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    • Management of fines through the administrative procedure.
    • Registration and delivery expenses.
    • The taxes inherent to the registration and ownership of the vehicle.

    This product includes the standard services of the market, plus the most complete coverages that make Bankia Renting a first-class product of the utmost quality.