Home Insurance

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  • This will definitely surprise you

We want you to enjoy your home in complete peace of mind and with no worries

In case of any unforeseen event either in your home or away from it, you will have the best cover and assistance services

The best insurance for your home

  • Home insurance

    Seguro Hogar

    The best cover and complete assistance in the home. For any type of unforeseen event.

  • Comprehensive home insurance

    Seguro Hogar Todo Riesgo

    The most complete insurance for your home, and one that offers you major advantages.

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    Descuento Nómina

    If you have your salary direct-deposited in Bankia, benefit from up to 25% discount on your home insurance.

  • How can I advise my home insurance in the event of claim?

    With a simple telephone call 902 136 524.