Life and Accident Insurance

Life and accident insurance
  • Bankia Nexo Life Insurance

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  • Life Insurance

    Life insurance

    Guarantees the payment of a capital amount to the beneficiaries of your insurance.

  • Linked life insurance policies

    Life insurance linked to financial operations

    Guarantees the financial stability of your loved ones; they won't be left with debts.

  • Accident insurance

    Accident insurance

    In the event of an accident, we help you meet your payment commitments.

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Our insurance

  • Ahorro Cinco Insurance

    We offer you and attractive, secure and risk-free investment for your savings... an insurance policy that allows you to diversify your savings with an attractive return.

  • Savings Insurance Policies – Life Annuity

    Plan for a guaranteed fixed income when you most need it.

  • Bankia Vida Renta

    We're sure you want to guarantee the financial protection of your family.

  • In a life insurance what tax will have to be paid in the event of the death of the insured person?

    • If the beneficiary is an individual, the payment will be subject to Inheritance and Gift Tax (if there are several beneficiaries, each will pay tax on the part that corresponds to them).
    • If the beneficiary is a legal entity the payment will be subject to corporation tax.
  • What is the exclusion period of a life insurance?

    We do not apply an exclusion period to life insurance, the coverage is effective from the moment you contract the insurance.