Life insurances and accidents


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    With our life insurance, we can give you the peace of mind that comes from being secure no matter what happens.




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  • Life Insurance

    Life insurance

    It guarantees the payment of a capital to the payees of your insurance.

  • Accident insurance

    Accident insurance

    In the event of accident, you help to address your payment commitments.

Other insurances for you

  • Life insurances linked to financial operations

    It guarantees your loved ones' economic stability, do not leave them debts.

  • Bankia Life Income

    We are sure want to guarantee the economic protection of your family.

  • In a life insurance which is the taxation in the event of death of the insured person?

    • If the payee is individual provisions will pay taxes in the tax of successions and donations (in the event of existing several payees, each will pay taxes for the part of the capital that him corresponds).
    • If the payee is legal person the provision will pay taxes as a deposit in the corporation tax.
  • Which is the period of lack in a life insurance?

    We do not apply lack in the life insurances, the coverage is done effective from the moment of the taking out of the insurance.