Surely you will surprise

    In Bankia you offer one of the better life insurances and accidents, autos and home (1) so that you enjoy the protection and one of the wider coverages of the market.

    • With your Life Insurance you enjoy the necessary protection before an unforeseen financial status to a very affordable cost. With a 15 % of discount the first year if the policy holder has another insurance Mapfre brokered by Bankia.
    • Look for the calm before any accident?, with the Accident insurance Link you will have an indemnity of 100,000€. And if you spouse or couple contract another Link Accident insurance benefit from a 20 % of discount on the net premium.
    • Chooses for your car the Insurance of Auto that more conforms to your demands, including among others, the assistance in unlimited trip, more than 2,600 cranes, the service door to door, vehicle of substitution and all coverages of the market.
    • Security for your home with the Home insurance that it includes the most new provisions as the repair of household appliance breakdowns of white range, do-it-yourself, theft and pilferage out of the property among others. And if you have the salary (2) or direct billing pension in Bankia, we remove you the principals fees in all your call accounts (3) and you benefit from a 25 %, 20 % 15 %, 10 % and 5 % of discount during 5 first few years of validity of the policy.


    (1) Insurances brokered by BANKIA MEDIATION Sure Banking operator Linked, S.A.U. (ID number to-40148884) and registered office in Pº Castellana, 189, 28046. Registered in the special administrative record of Insurance Brokers of the Directorate-General for Insurance and Pension Funds with the key OV-0034. Subscribed agency contracts of insurances with Mapfre Spain, Mapfre Overall Risks and Bankia Mapfre Life. Financial liability insurance and skills cover according to current legislation.
    (2) Salary equal to or more than€450 or pension equal to or more than€200.
    (3) According to general conditions, available also in Bankia branches and