The Company for the Management of Assets proceeding from Restructuring of the Banking System (SAREB) is a company created within the framework of Law 9/2012 of 14 November that enables the segregation of toxic or problematic assets of credit institutions that require public support so as to remove them from the balance sheet of these institutions.

SAREB is comprised of private and public investors from Spain and abroad.

The main objective, apart from achieving restructuring of the Spanish financial system within a maximum period of 15 years, is to obtain the maximum possible profit earning capacity from these toxic assets.

About 55,000 million Euros have been transferred to SAREB from nationalised bodies (Group 1: which includes BFA-Bankia) and banks that have required medium-term financial aid (Group 2). Of this amount, two-thirds correspond to loans and credit linked to the real estate sector, and one-third to real estate assets.

The cession of the assets by the institutions took place without the need to obtain the consent of third parties.

The BFA-Bankia Group signed the contract for transmission to SAREB on 21 December 2012, with effective date 31 December.

Although the transferred assets are now the property of SAREB, the transferring Financial Institution, in this case the Bankia Group, is still directly responsible for their management, administration and marketing.

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