Depósito Creciente 36 meses

1 /6
This number is indicative of the risk of the product, whereby 1 / 6 indicates a minor risk and 6 / 6 a major risk.
The Bank is associated with the Credit Institutions' Deposit Insurance Fund. For deposits in money, the maximum guaranteed amount is €100,000 per depositor in each credit institution.
  • A deposit where the interest grows

    And your money too

  • 3-year deposit. Quarterly interest payment. No minimum contracting amount .
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    Advantages of the 36-month Growth Deposit

    The 36-month Growth Deposit is a 3-year deposit with quarterly interest payment and an attractive interest rate that increases every year.

    APR: 0.07%

    1st year: 0.05%
    2nd year: 0.07%
    3rd year: 0.09%

    Its main advantages are:

    • One or more deposits allowed, no minimum or maximum amount of contracting.
    • immediate liquidity, you can recover your investment at any time.
    • No administration or maintenance fees or commissions.
    • Automatic renewal at maturity.