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  • Download the catalogue of presents (PDF, 751 kB) and it achieves your gift with contributions or mobilisations.
  • It optimises the tax advantages that pension plans offer and it adapts the investment to your needs.
  • If it need, our specialists have the knowledge and of tools to help you to plan your future.

Gifts with your Bankia Pension Plans

  • Aspiradora

    Amazon's aspirator or Cheque of

    ?3,000 to 4,999?
    To be chosen between Aspirator Recogetodo Black & Decker NV-1200-AV or Gift Voucher Amazon of?25.

  • Sensor of activity

    Activity or cheque sensor of Amazon of€45

    ?5,000 to 7,999?
    To be chosen between Sensor of Activity Beurer ace-95 or Gift Voucher Amazon of?45.

  • Tablet

    Amazon's tablet or gift voucher of€100

    ?8,000 to 15,999?
    To be chosen between Tablet 7? Lenovo model TAB3 73OF or Gift Voucher Amazon of?100.

  • Smart TV

    Smart Amazon's TV or gift voucher of€250

    Starting from?16,000 To be chosen between Smart TV 32? Samsung, Model UE32J5200 or Gift Voucher Amazon of?250. it does not sponsor this promotion. Gift vouchers of must exchange in the page of, for products included in our online and sold catalogue for or any other salesman that bandage via the platform of Gift vouchers you can not recharge, to resell, to transfer for a value, to exchange for cash or to use with another account. person responsible for is not done the loss, theft, destruction or use not indulged of gift vouchers. See complete terms and conditions in Amazon EU SARL issues Gift vouchers. All the ®, TM ET © Amazon are the copyright of or of its subsidiaries. Bankia is the Depository Company and Promoter. Bankia Pensiones is the managing entity. Deposited bases before Notary at your disposal Deposited bases before Notary at your disposal (PDF, 410 kB).Subject to tax in accordance with prevailing tax legislation. Associated System and Employment System pension plans are excluded. It will be condition compulsory that the client fills and steady the note of application of the promotional gift in its branch Bankia, before 31/01/2018 (included). Similarly, for the dropped out of the promotional gift will be necessary that the shareholder accepts, through the signature of the note of commitment, that the consolidated right of all plans that the client has in Bankia on the allocation of the promotional gift, is not seen reduced until elapsed 36 months from the date of acceptance of the promotional gift. For the purpose of to determine the made contribution in relation to the present promotion for the access to the corresponding gift promotional, amounts will be discounted that they have already participated in other promotions and profits associated with plans during 2017. Promotion limited to: Section 1: Of€3,000 to 4,999€ (inclusive), to choose between Aspirator Recogetodo Black & Decker NV-1200-AV (4,000 units) or Gift Voucher Amazon of 25 euros (2,500 units). Section 2: Of€5,000 to 7,999€, to choose between Sensor of Activity Beurer ace-95 (2,500 units) or Gift Voucher Amazon of 45 euros (1,500 units). Section 3: Of€8,000 to 15,999€, to choose between Tablet 7” Lenovo model TAB3 73OF (2,500 units) or Gift Voucher Amazon of 100 euros (1,500 units). Section 4: From€16,000 hereinafter, to choose between Smart TV 32” Samsung, Model UE32J5200 (400 units) or Gift Voucher Amazon of 250 euros (250 units). See the conditions in your branch. The Document of Basic Data for the Shareholder of the plans can request free of charge and be consulted in and in the seller's branches. Valid promotion until 31/12/2017.