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Advice and methods to bring all your investments to a successful culmination

Bankia offers you the best advice and methods for operating with equities through its Oficina Internet service, to help you reach a successful culmination with all your investments conveniently, quickly and securely.


    Tax information

    In general, stock investments can entail tax effects for the investor for two reasons:

    • For the sale of the shares.
    • For the yields generated by the shares.

    For the purpose of Personal Income Tax, the sale of shares generates a capital gain or loss that is calculated by the difference between the purchase value (increased by the expenses inherent to the purchase) and the sale value (decreased by the expenses inherent to the sale).

    What are the main features?

    From now on you can:

    • Open securities accounts and carry out operations in them.
    • See the status of your orders.
    • Review the movements you have made.
    • Consult the yield you have obtained.


    For to begin to operate just enter Oficina Internet and select the desired value. Conveniently choose how to set the price, as well as the temporal validity of your order.