i-Valores Service

Servicio i-Valores

The i-Valores Service gives you a special rate on the fees involved with trading domestic and international securities.

Main features

Customers that do their banking via Oficina Internet can sign up for the i-Valores Service and gain access to a preferential rate for trading domestic and international securities. As an added value, this service gives customers direct access to real-time quotes from the continuous market.

The i-Valores Service is designed for adult customers who have contracted a securities account with multiple access (disposición indistinta).

The main advantages of this service are:

  • Live streaming quotes.
  • Reduced fees.

Fees for the service

All variable-income trading transactions carried out by the customer after signing up for this service will have lower fees for domestic and international securities.

  Fee Minimum
Domestic transactions 0.20% €8
International I-Valores transactions 0.20% €25
International Internet transactions 0.5% €35


*Fees that need to be calculated on the effective value of the transaction. These fees include brokerage costs. Levies and taxes not included.


How the i-Valores Service works

  • The i-Valores Service has established a half-yearly fee of €80 plus taxes. This rate will be applicable only if the fees paid on domestic and international variable income trading transactions are less than this amount.
  • If the amount invoiced is more than €80, no additional fee will be charged.
  • This fee will be invoiced at the end of the six-monthly period or earlier, in the event of early cancellation.