It learns from security and protect you

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It learns from security and protect you

In Bankia want to strengthen your knowledge in security and what know the principals risks to those which can be exposed. It learns to protect you with this security practical guide.

    • Ensure you are browsing a secure website by checking that the URL begins with https and that it has a closed padlock on the left.
    • You do not use direct links attached in emails, SMS or websites third-party for the access to Online Bankia. Enter the name directly in the browser's address bar.
    • Do not use the ?autocomplete password? or ?save password? options when you want to connect to your bank or any other service. Periodically delete cookies and temporary files.
    • Always use the disconnect button on the website before closing it.
    • Avoids to connect you to Online Bankia and to carry out bank transactions from public wifi nets not reliable.

    • The protection of your mobile phone, tablet or computer is key, ensure you have the operating system updated with the latest patches and security improvements recommended by the manufacturer. Install an antivirus on any devices where it is possible.
    • Set up your equipment or mobile device with a password to avoid unauthorised access.
    • Never download apps from unreliable sites. Maintain always updated applications with the official latest version distributed by the manufacturer.
    • Keep your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and geolocation connections disabled when you are not using them.
    • Never lose sight of your equipment or mobile device in public places.

  • We give you several advice that you will allow creating sure passwords.