How can I generate secure passwords?

  • Your user code, password, card PIN, signature, etc. are personal and non-transferable, which is why you should never reveal them to anybody else under any circumstances.
  • Do not use the same passwords in different financial institutions, or use passwords linked to your email account or your identity that could be easy to guess (family members' names, pets' names, date of birth, telephone number, month/year, 123456, etc.).
  • Change your access codes and password periodically, especially when you have suspicions or doubts regarding their confidentiality.
  • Avoid entering your banking passwords or card details when using public Wi-Fi connections (cybercafés, hotels, airports, etc.).
  • Never reply to any request for information about your passwords, cards or personal data received by email or SMS.
  • Recuerda that in the access to Online Bankia, will not request no other detail that he is not your user and access code.