What do for your security?

In Bankia want guarantee your security and that you can carry out your banking administrative steps with total calm.

How protect your information?

  • All the information transmitted between you and Bankia's systems via the internet uses a secure protocol that encrypts the information and prevents a third party accessing the aforementioned information flow.
  • When you browse our website, you can confirm that it begins with “https://” and not only “http://”. In addition, fair next door, will see a closed padlock, which indicates that you are in a sure website.


Your security: our maximum


  • At Bankia we are continuously monitoring our systems and networks to make a immediate follow-up of the services we provide you.
  • We carry out an monitoring of the fraud of operations that may seem fraudulent. If we detect an unusual operation, we will get in touch with you.
  • In addition, we carry out regular test of intrusion to ensure our systems are threat-free.


Get around with calm by Bankia Online of Bankia


  • When you access Bankia Online, always you will request your ID number, NIE (Foreigner Identification Number) or passport number together with a password that only you know.
  • Provided you make a transaction, we will ask you for a verification code as a protective measure and for some sensitive operations, we will ask you to enter an additional code that we will send you by SMS.
  • With our anti-malware and anti-phishing systems, we protect your accounts from possible threats.


But remember, it is not enough for our systems to be secure, you are the main keeper of your own security.

If you want to be better protected and not be caught unawares, accesses to our basic advice of security.