Security in banking administrative steps

Male watching a card

It follows these guidelines and stay untroubled in your banking administrative steps.

Am I using my card securely?

I must sign the card for behind? It is necessary to save fee-paying verification slips? What do if I lose my card of Bankia?... We often don't take these things seriously until we get a fright. Keep reading and don't get caught unawares.

I don't think I'm using my virtual card properly...

Why when doing my online purchases me request the number that it comes behind the card? I can put a to put a maximum amount to my payments made with the virtual card?
It accesses to see replies to these and other questions.

How can strengthen the security in the online purchases?

What fee-paying method use in your online purchases? You believe that it is the safest one? You know to identify a page of sure e-commerce of one that it does not be it?
It still reads and that they do not swindle you in your online purchases.

What can do to protect administrative steps that I do in Bankia Online?

Why do I have to provide more details when making transfers? If I am already logueado with my user Why Bankia is disconnected Online if I am an idle time? It carries out your administrative steps at Bankia Online with total calm following these simple guidelines.