Servicio Extracto Integrado

Detailed monthly information on all your products grouped by banking transactions.

All-in-One Statement Service Benefits

  • Transactions

    • It adds a new feature, namely information about credit cards, securities and term deposits; and it maintains the existing sight savings, investment fund and pension plan products with all items detailed to clearly identify each operation.
    • Customers who only have or apply for this option will not receive aggregate information on funds and/or plans on a monthly basis, as this information will be sent to their equity funds.

    Equity information

    • Savings on demand: current accounts and passbooks.
    • Fixed-term savings: financial deposits, term and dynamic account books.
    • Securities: fixed-income, variable-income, collective investment institutions.
    • Investment funds: from multiple fund management companies.
    • Pension plans.
    • Financing: consumer and mortgages loan.
    • Payment methods: credit cards.