Apple Pay

With Apple Pay pay is easier. Enjoy it with your cards Bankia.

What is Apple Pay?

  • You do not use Apple money Pay

    Is the service of payments of Apple, in which will be able to include your cards Bankia, for the performance of retail purchases, apps and website, via its devices. See conditions.

    It can espouse the service, any card Bankia of credit, debit or prepay, so much VISA as MasterCard.

    You can add them directly from Bankia Wallet and the app Bankia or if it prefer via Apple Wallet.

    • From the apps of Bankia only have click on the button.


    image to download app Apple Pay

    • From Apple Wallet: Accessing the section of Apple Wallet of your device and scanning the card or adding handbook way your details.

    Electronic brochure Do not Use Money (PDF, 1.36 MB)

In what devices is available?

    • iPhone: Apple Pay works with the iPhone 6 or subsequent in shops, apps and websites via Safari.
    • Apple Watch: with the Apple Watch in shops and apps; coupled-up with an iPhone 6 or subsequent.
    • iPad: with the iPad Pro, iPad (5a generation), iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 or subsequent in apps and websites via Safari.
    • Computers Mac: with the Mac (2012 or subsequent) in websites via Safari using an iPhone or an Apple Watch with Apple Pay activated. If its MacBook Pro has Touch Bar will not need an additional device.

How payment in businesses?

  • 1. The trade shows the amount of the purchase in the POS of the usual way.

    2. On your iPhone about 2-3 centimetres from the symbol Contactless of the POS with the finger on Touch GO or identify you through Face GO.

    3. With Apple Watch, clicks double click in the lateral button and on the device to 2-3 cm of the symbol Contactless of the POS.

    4. When the POS receives the payment information, the device will vibrate and it will show in the screen the message “Hecho”.


  • How can change the usual fee-paying card?

    • From the Apple Wallet (iPhone)
      • Selects and maintain on the chosen card, later on drag her at the head of your cards.
    • From Reductions:
      • Opens Reductions
      • Touches “Wallet and Apple Pay”
      • Selects the card that you wish have by default in “Card for omission”.

    How can see the last operations carried out with Apple Wallet?

    • From Apple Wallet, accesses the detail of the card and click on the sign ‘i’.
    • You can consult the last 10 operations carried out.

    How many cards can include in Apple Wallet?

      • You will be able to include until:
        • 12 different cards in iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Bonus and Apple Watch Series 3.
        • 8 different cards in the rest of admitted devices.

    How delete a card of Apple Wallet?

        • From the Wallet (iPhone)
          • Click on the icon
          • Sees to “Information"
          • Selects “Delete card"
        • From Reductions:
          • Opens Reductions
          • Touches "Wallet and Apple Pay"
          • Selects the card to delete
          • Selects "Delete card"

    What happens if delete my card of Apple Wallet?

      • You will simply stop being able to use her to pay with your device Apple, apart from that you will be able to follow using your card in an usual way.


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